What does BPO stand for?

As the world became a global village with fast-growing technologies, businesses started transforming their operations and digitalizing their organizational structures. New ideas and helpful strategies emerged and adopted by various businesses to achieve their desired goals. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of those strategies that have become a part and parcel for both small and large companies as BPO helps make them move forward with speed in a well-organized and systematic manner.

BPO is an abbreviation for the phrase Business Process Outsourcing. It is a business strategy in which a company outsources some of its operations to a third party or hires their expertise and staff in order to perform its required tasks. It is helpful or rather has now become a necessity for companies as it offers several exclusive benefits and contributes to alleviating organizational growth.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offers several exclusive benefits that are the primary reason behind its rapid popularity among multinational organizations. Out of many benefits, the five most important ones are discussed below:

1.Reduced Costs:

The most discussed benefit of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is cost-efficiency. Wages in different parts of the world vary according to location. Due to differences in wages, a business operation will cost way less in a developing country than that in a developed country where average salaries are comparatively higher. Consequently, outsourcing any activity to an expert subcontracting firm in developing countries can significantly reduce overall project costs. Similarly, companies can accrue tax savings, negotiate for great rates from subcontracting firms, and accomplish their desired objectives without bearing the liabilities of full time employees working in their premises.

2.Focus on the Core Business:

It is very important for large multinational organizations that their core business areas are given due attention and not neglected to stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment. Outsourcing allows your workforce to focus on the core business operations and leave less critical ones to be performed by a third party. Similarly, your company’s leadership and employees get the extra time and energy to be spent on strategy making rather than concentrating on those functions in which they lack complete hold over the expertise. Consequently, in addition to giving more time to your core areas, you also get the desired resources and proficiency that are critical for your company’s growth and development.

3.Business Expansion:

Business Process Outsourcing also makes you familiar with new cultures and languages across various locations. Although interacting with people from a different culture can be a bit challenging at the start, it has positive long-term consequences. Similarly, BPO helps you expand your business to different locations and compete with your opponents in a particular region by breaking the cultural and language barrier. Contractual workforces hired from local communities can easily communicate with your customers in respective locations by using advanced advertising strategies. Consequently, using the services of a local outsourcing company would enable you to better understand the native cultural norms in a short time and get the proficiency and resources vital for accomplishing your desired goals.

4.Enhanced Productivity:

Another benefit of Business Process Outsourcing is that it offers enhanced productivity and better organizational performance. It helps your company generate large revenues and expand faster than relying on traditional methods of hiring and training full-time workforces and assigning them different tasks. Subcontractors specialized in providing state-of-the-art outsourcing teams and services can take your business to a higher altitude and enable your executives to focus on core business areas. In this way, outsourcing can save hassle, increase revenues, and enhance corporate efficiency at economical rates.

5.Round the Clock Operations:

Different countries have distinct time zones depending upon their respective regions. Outsourcing to countries with different time zones allows you to continue your operations round the clock and increase your profitability. Similarly, companies can provide 24/7 customer services to their clients that lead to higher satisfaction rates and enhanced brand recognition. Additionally, specialized customer service outsourcing companies build a positive image of companies in their desired target market and boost growth and development.

How to get the most from these benefits?

In order to get the most from the above-mentioned benefits of Business Process Outsourcing, a few cautionary steps are essential if you are interested in outsourcing their operations. First, ample time should be spent on choosing the right partner for the right job. You do not want to waste your time and money instead of recruiting contractual workforces. Second, do your homework well and predefine your work limits as well as functional scope. Third, although outsourcing lessens your efforts and frees you from doing additional tasks, monitoring the subcontractor’s performance is essential to ensure gradual improvement in organizational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage over your opponents.


BPO is a  rapidly growing sector  and has created thousands of new employment opportunities in a wide range of fields. BPO industry seems to have a bright future and its projected worth is $343.2 Billion by 2025. Similarly, modern technological advancements have made communication across teams smoother and have contributed to organizational growth in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment.

Working with Khired Networks

Khired Networks specialises in  Business Process Outsourcing possessing all the resources required to take any business to new heights. We recruit highly qualified workforces from a wide talent pool through a transparent recruitment system to ensure merit. We are an equal opportunity provider hiring candidates from different regions, backgrounds, religions, and cultures, which makes us a geographically diverse multicultural organization. Our BPO service is GDPR compliant as per the EU and US regulations.

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