Talented and experienced software developers are in high-demand worldwide due to their applicability in diverse sectors. They apply engineering principles and use modern programming tools to develop user-friendly and interactive software according to the clients’ business needs.

The average salary of software developers varies in different countries. Developed nations like the US, the UK, Denmark, and Switzerland pay their software developers more than emerging countries in Asia and Africa. Other factors that determine the average salary include experience level, skills, qualifications, and expertise.

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This article gives a detailed overview of countries with the highest-paid software developers in 2020 and explains the ongoing global trends for the salary of software developers.


United States

Home to The Big Five (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Google) and thousands of tech startups, the United States is considered the hub of global software developers. As the country’s IT sector continues to grow, experts believe the US will maintain its position as the leader of the global IT industry for the foreseeable future.

The intensity and saturation of the IT sector makes the US one of the top-paying countries for software developers worldwide.

According to an estimate, the average salary of software developers in the United States is $106,816 per year. Similarly, employee benefits and other facilities keep on increasing with experience level and expertise.



As the US and Israel started strengthening their bilateral relations, the Silicon Valley companies have begun outsourcing some of their operations to Israel. Consequently, Israel’s capital Tel Aviv has become a hot tech hub and there is a high demand for software developers in this city.

Data collected from different credible sources indicate that the average pre-tax salary of software developers in Israel ranges from 20,000 NIS to 4000 NIS per month. This keeps on rising with time as professionals gain more experience and become experts in a wide range of programming languages.



Being one of the rapidly growing IT sectors, Australia has shown remarkable performance in recent years. Besides promoting tech startups, the Australian government has caught the attention of some of the highly reputed tech giants across the globe.

The average salary of a software developer in Australia is around AU$85,000 and reaches up to AU$150,000 per year as once goes into a senior position.

Additionally, IT companies in Australia’s capital Sydney pay an average AU$105,598 to their software developers. This means software developers ambitious to start their careers in Australia must keep Sydney on their top priority.



Official data released by the Canadian government shows the Canadian Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector showed remarkable performance in 2019 outperforming the rest of the economy in terms of overall growth, career opportunities, and output.

With over 39,000 software and IT companies, the Canadian Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector comprise both small and large firms including subsidiaries of renowned tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Hence, experienced software engineers are in high demand in Canada with an average salary of CAD 128,000 per year. Some of Canada’s cities most popular for software developers are Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.



Denmark is one of the highly developed and most advanced ICT countries that considers ICT development crucial to address social and user-oriented needs. With technological development, the Danish digital eco-system has played a critical role in socio-political transformation through research and innovation.

The Danish government has laid a strong technological foundation of its ICT sector by integrating modern hardware and software-embedded systems. To fulfill the needs of its well-organized and emerging eco-system, the country has a high demand for qualified and experienced software developers.

Hence, the average salary of a software developer working in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is nearly 600,000KR per annum excluding annual bonuses and other facilities like health insurance and paid leaves.



Among all the European countries excluding the Scandinavian nations, Switzerland is a highly paid country for software developers. The average salary of a junior software developer with little experience in Switzerland is around $72,000 per annum, while senior software developers are paid $98,652 to $121,521 depending on their skills and expertise. 

The United Kingdom

Apart from the basic salary, employment benefits and facilities also affect the choice of a skilled software developer to start his or her career. In this regard, the United Kingdom is one of the best countries for junior software developers who want to get hands-on experience in programming tools and earn suitable income.

Software companies in the United Kingdom pay their junior software developers an average salary of $64,729 along with additional benefits. Moreover, these corporations spend a lot of training their staff and promote them after analyzing their skills.

Hence, an experienced software developer can make up to $90,624 to $100,000 per annum after just one year of practical experience.


Global Salary Trends for Software Developers in 2020

With a growing need for IT skills and a shortage of talented software developers across the globe, IT professionals are expected to keep negotiating for higher wages in 2020. According to an estimate, more than 89% of IT firms worldwide report they are experiencing a tech talent shortage that is negatively affecting their growth and development.

Hence, experts believe the salaries of tech-talent and software developers will evolve over the next year. Nevertheless, the trend may vary with locations as some countries have a demand for skilled developers than others. For instance, over 54% of the UK-based tech recruiters had to raise the salaries of their staff following Brexit. 

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Lastly, the worldwide growth of the freelancing sector and the remote working trend is also expected to affect the salary trends for software developers in 2020. 

Final Words

The increasing demand for IT skills and oversaturated job markets have enabled software developers to cash their expertise and negotiate for higher wages. Some of the primary factors affecting the average salary of software developers include location, experience level, and competency.

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