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As a technical startup, one needs to understand and adopt the formula of “you can’t do it all”. To make your business grow and hit the targets on time while improving your workflows, business process optimization is a potential solution. One of the best ways to optimize and improve your processes is to resort to automation.

What is Business Process Optimization?

Business process optimization is a practical way of increasing your business efficiency by improving your business processes. It is a method for constantly evaluating processes to make them better by minimizing waste and maximizing output. Startups face severe competition and threats from other businesses, disruptive technology, and changing models. All these pressures can be swiftly dealt directing your efforts towards process improvement. Continuous process improvement can be made easier and more efficient with the aid of automation.

The Benefits of Business Process Optimization

The main objective of resorting to business process optimization is to lower your costs and maximize your outputs while enjoying better decision-making. Business process optimization helps in identifying ways to make your processes manageable, with formalized, actionable information. It also identifies the process improvement goals such as defining the scope of the process, identifying enhancement opportunities, cycle time reduction, and customer service improvement. Business Process Optimization offers a multitude of benefits apart from increasing our bottom line and decreasing your costs.


Having carefully designed processes by experts with the background of extensive experience reduces compliance risks. For example, Human Resource Department and the financial sector are severely regulated. There are certain defined controls in these sectors for data protection and adherence. When processes are designed and controlled through automation, they naturally adhere to the regulations of the industry.


Standardization is a gateway to achieve consistency in outputs and workflows. Business process optimization can help your business maintain a competitive advantage and retain customers by automating your processes. Standardized and automated workflows reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and enhance work efficiency. With process automation, chances of human errors or fluctuations are slim to none due to reduced human interaction.


As Teams do not work in isolation Process optimization through automation helps in notifying team members of updates, supports collaboration via live editing of features and, integrates messaging for optimal transparency and communication. It also supports teams in gaining project portfolio visibility at a glance and getting insights for collaborated future planning.


By bringing everyday tasks into a digital world, Business process Optimization helps you in streamlining lengthy processes by simplifying complex, paper-based approval processes. For example, while getting approval for a purchase order, you can put an approval process into the system to avoid clogging the approval queue. Instead of having to wait for approvals, this helps in avoiding bottlenecks and critical person dependencies. As the software does the work, people involved in the approval process are automatically intimated that they need to close out the approval process.


From standardization of workflows to transparency and streamlined work processes, the quality of output boosts naturally. Adopting an automation strategy for digitally mapping out your work processes reduces data errors by eliminating and paperwork. It also helps in reducing people’s dependencies and chances of errors by decreasing human interaction.

Steps for Process Optimization

As a startup, you need to adopt the following best practices geared towards s helping your team and business prosper with automation tools that at process improvement straightforward, organized and manageable.

1. Be Proactive

Implementing automation should be a top-down approach in any size organization because it requires investment, education, and buy-in. Executive leaders and upper management should open the floor and listen to what employees need. By doing so, employees are empowered to design their own-use cases for automation. This bottom-up approach for crowdsourcing solutions can then be met with a top-down approach of implementing automation to reap success.

2. Begin with End Goals

In goal-setting exercises, it’s vital to envision what you want to happen a few months or years down the road. With a future time frame in mind, outline what you hope to accomplish. Then, you can work backward as an organization to achieve these lists of goals. By backtracking required activities to meet these goals, you can see what is currently missing or has to be improved upon to get there.

3. Identify Processes that Need to be Automated First

It is better to prioritize what processes need help by conducting a robust assessment. You can choose to implement automation within one department first. For example, the finance department is a good place to begin to see how automation can enhance processes as they are bound to automation criteria.

4. Let Success Be Known

Whether you witness a small win or a big win, communicate it with your team so that they stay motivated. Showcasing your success enables your team to assess the difference their actions are making. Such communication will breed a team that is invested and aligned with the overall goals of the organization.

Wrap Up

Process automation tools are growing in their adoption and necessity. These solutions can be used for continuous process improvement to help your organization run more smoothly and efficiently. Employee engagement and showcasing how automation can help everyone on a team will be more likely to achieve goals and ensure that everyone is on the same page to maximize an organization’s potential and capabilities.
If you are ready to get started and drive your process improvement with the help of automation, contact Khired Networks Khired can power your process optimization efforts with ease. Khired also enables effective collaboration, driving processes towards maximum efficiency.

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