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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has erupted, companies around the globe are looking for viable solutions to come out of this crisis. The unprecedented lockdown and uncertainty have badly impacted the corporate world and created problems for entrepreneurs.

From declining revenues to limited business activities, the list of challenges posed by the COVID-19 is endless. While a few firms have managed to cope with the ongoing crisis, a large number of companies are still not been able to resume their operations. Eventually, the unemployment rates are on the rise worldwide as employees are being terminated to cut expenses and reduce financial burdens.

The post-COVID-19 predictions are not satisfying for the business community in terms of corporate growth and development. While the global economy has already been badly hit by this contagious disease, experts are foreseeing a historical economic recession. Despite governmental support, SMEs and startups are finding it extremely difficult to remain competitive amid lockdown and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.

However, there is still hope for the corporate world as some genius minds are trying to turn pandemic into a growth opportunity. It is believed that the COVID-19 crisis would encourage employers to transform their organizational structures and employ modern HR techniques for recruitment, training, and deployment of resources.

Staff augmentation is considered to be the most feasible, cost-efficiency, and reliable solution to counter the COVID-19 crisis. The technique allows companies to hire qualified professionals remotely and get project-specific skills both on a short or long-term basis. Driven by years of industrial experience and innovation, IT staffing services are catered to modern organizational requirements and being employed by well-renowned IT corporations to fill their skills gap and acquire the right talent.

This article presents a step by step guide of how does staff augmentation work and gives valuable information on the effective utilization of professional staffing solutions to meet the modern corporate challenges.

Identification of Project Requirements

The first step is the identification of project requirements, which involves several meetings with clients and your staff. Understanding project details is essential for correct estimation of available resources and strategic planning. You need to thoroughly comprehend the project objectives, required facilities, desired skills, and expected outcomes. Ensure that strategic planning is aligned with your client’s expectations and project details. This will allow you to highly your firm’s strengths and weaknesses and enable you to recognize potential vulnerabilities. Moreover, the process will help you effectively implement the planned strategies and achieve key milestones.

Identification of Desired Skills

Once you have completely understood the project requirements, you have to assess your staff’s capabilities to accomplish the desired objectives. Apart from providing the necessary facilities and infrastructure, you need to arrange the required resources with project-specific skills. For this purpose, coordinate with your staff members and determine which competencies are crucial to complete your project. Discuss key project details with senior executives and make plans for the acquisition of desired skills. If possible, seek expert advice from qualified staff augmentation consulting firms and use their professional experience to recognize your outsourcing needs. The whole process must be transparent to ensure impartiality and fairness.

Selection of Staff Augmentation Partner

This is the most crucial stage if you are acquiring the services of a staff augmentation agency to augment your teams. You can find various subcontractors with their areas of expertise, track record, and specialization. However, five factors must be considered while analyzing staff augmentation proposals from different vendors. These include the skills and qualifications of their remote professionals, previous experience in the relevant field, feedback from previous customers, available resources and essential facilities, and professional affiliations. Additionally, always prefer those offshore IT staffing services of those firms that offer highly qualified resources at an economical price to ensure high productivity without extending budgets.

Staff Augmentation Contract

A staff augmentation contract is signed between you and the subcontractor. This document is of critical importance as it defines the terms and conditions under which you have agreed to acquire the services of a staff augmentation agency. For instance, if you are hiring call center outsourcing services, the agreement will include the number of professionals required, working hours, and desired skills and experience. In case of violation, the opposing party can go to the court and demand legal proceedings against the violator. Hence, it is necessary that you carefully read all the terms and conditions before signing a staff augmentation agreement. Some of the essential elements of this document include project scope, responsibilities and pricing, timeline, change management rules, and deliverables.

Talent Acquisition

When your staff augmentation partner is ready to provide you with your desired resources, actively engage in the selection process. It is the sole responsibility of the subcontractor to search candidates from a wide talent pool and shortlist them according to their skills and qualifications. However, your presence would ensure impartiality and merit as well as make the recruitment drive more transparent. The list of recommended candidates by the staff augmentation agency must be thoroughly reviewed. If possible, arrange virtual interviews of selected professionals on your own before you recruit them in your organization. Ensure that you hire professionals with the right skills and desired qualifications according to project requirements.

Training Process

Like selection, the training process also demands your active engagement right from the start. Generally, the remote staff is provided with types of training by the staff augmentation agency. Professional training and project-specific training. The former includes training about general work consciences, technical abilities, multitasking, troubleshooting, professional code of ethics, and interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, project-specific training is given based on the information provided by your company outlining the essential details about project objectives, strategic planning, and desired outcomes. Training manuals designed for project-specific training should contain comprehensive information that could help remote staff better understand the project and effectively accomplish the key milestones.

Integration Process

The integration of remote staff with your in-house teams is essential to establish professional relations and encourage teamwork. Augmented teams need some time to adjust to a new organizational atmosphere. Hence, your cooperation is essential for better integration and organization of business activities. Effective communication is the key to build strong bonds between your employees. You can encourage communication by providing your staff with advanced tools like Slack & Skype where they can interact with each other and get an instant reply to their queries. Similarly, daily standups can be arranged through Google Meet or Zoom. These meetings are an ideal platform to discuss routine issues, share business insights, present new ideas, and boost the integration of remote workers with in-house professionals.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Continuous evaluation of your augmented team is essential to improve organizational productivity and overall performance. You must interact with your remote resources through different platforms and keep an eye on their routine activities, particularly during the early days. Ensure that your staff augmentation partner possesses all the necessary facilities that could establish an interrupted communication with your remote resources. Similarly, monitor the progress of project activities at least once a month by conducting a virtual meeting with in-house and remote staff. The data collected through monitoring and evaluation would be helpful in performance appraisal and annual increments of your employees.


Lastly, give your feedback to the subcontractor regarding the quality of staff augmentation services. Positive feedbacks help agencies build brand reputation and attract potential customers, while negative comments enable them to identify areas for further improvement. Your responses must reflect the extent to which you are satisfied with the subcontractor’s services. It also echoes the professional acumen of your organization and shows you take care of your remote professionals.

Concluding Remarks

Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that companies badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic must use staff augmentation to come out of this unprecedented crisis. Remote professionals bring with them new ideas and expertise that help organizations fill their skills gap and outperform their competitors by continuing their operations round-the-clock.

Selecting a reliable and competent staff augmentation partner is essential to enjoy the maximum benefits of staff augmentation. Therefore, you must perform comprehensive research and seek expert advice from experienced staff augmentation consultants before recruiting remote resources.

Khired Networks

Khired Networks is one of the leading providers of diversified and high-quality staff augmentation services catered to modern organizational needs. We have been providing dedicated resources and staff augmentation consultant services to well-renowned firms for years and are highly regarded among the global business community.

Empowered by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and modern facilities, Khired Networks provides companies with highly qualified and skilled professionals from a wide talent pool. Using a high-class and innovative business model, we have fulfilled staff augmentation requirements of corporations around the globe.

To effectively counter the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, Khired Networks employs advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), which allows companies to hire dedicated resources remotely and continue their business operations without any interruption. We are proud of our hard-working and qualified professionals who have played a key role during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing firms with cost-effective, trusted, and viable remote staffing solutions.

The ultimate goals of Khired Networks have been to help companies retain their workforces, fill their skills gap, and continue their business activities during the unprecedented lockdown. Contact us today if you want to remain competitive and achieve corporate excellence despite corporate challenges.

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