What is SAP?

Systems Applications and Products (SAP) is an extensively used resource planning software for business, capable of creating a centralized system. It works as a data hub for departments by enabling access and sharing of data. SAP software can contain over a hundred integrated modules relating to various aspects and areas of business management. Well-designed SAP software enables you to swiftly manage sales by utilizing transactions, provide data to execute reports, do accounting tasks, supports recruitment by managing applicants and potential employees, streamlines customer management, product management, and inventory management. One reason SAP stands out from other ERP systems is its ability to fit in with an organization of any size. SAP allows you to integrate as many modules as your business need and get them customized to your unique requirements.

Investing in several different systems for each function of the business requires a high investment to be utilized on infrastructure, staff, licenses, and support Whether you choose to implement SAP through a cloud or on your company’s premises, SAP will reduce the cost in the long run by providing unified reporting system, improved interactions with customers, data quality and security, and easy scalability.

Benefits of Implementing SAP


  • SAP is as suitable for small and mid-sized companies as it is for larger organizations. With its cloud-based ERP solutions, SAP can support both well-established businesses and startups in their growing phases, regardless of the size of their workforce.
  • Innovation is a key to stay competitive. SAP is designed to turn ideas into innovative solutions with its future-proof cloud ERP solutions. With its innovative technology, SAP increases the simplicity of innovation process and projects and accelerates the pace of business.
  • Being built on the most advanced infrastructure, SAP considerably reduces the number of cyber threats by keeping your data secure from hackers.
  • With its solutions and extensions tailored to customers’ needs, SAP provides absolute flexibility and speed by simplifying complex processes. SAP is enabling businesses to smoothly move to Cloud by maintaining individualized solutions as mainstream cloud solutions.
  • SAP database can be shared by several functions participating in the same business process in different functional units. This collaborative approach facilitates process improvement and re-engineering by allowing accomplishing a common business process.
  • SAP solutions allow companies to standardize systems and processes to enhance productivity and efficiency. It also helps in reducing costs and the number of errors, as most processes are automated.
  • By streamlining and centralizing clients’ information, SAP allows your sales team to focus on building quality relationships with your clients and design more targeted marketing campaigns.
  • SAP allows you to compare and analyze the work and performance of different functions by facilitating a unified reporting system. By using a single source of accurate and up-to-date data, SAP can generate useful and analytic reports without the help of an expert.
  • SAP prevents duplication of records and data by creating an exact picture in distinct scenarios. It screens and monitors every marginal operation and task, providing a view of the performance with absolute clarity and transparency.

SAP in Different Functional Areas

SAP ERP can be used in different functional areas to manage a successful business. Following are a few examples

SAP in Human Resource Management: SAP will provide any tool HR function needs to maintain a capable department. It keeps the record of every piece of information from hiring to termination. It allows the performing of various HR-related tasks with greater simplicity like creating a plan for workflow management, personnel administration and development, work schedules and attendance, and payroll administration.

SAP in Project Management: SAP helps project managers in every step of project management from initiation to closure. It facilitates launching a project, breaking down work structures and schedules, resource and revenue planning, and progress analysis by monitoring and evaluation.

SAP in Inventory Management: SAP makes inbound processing easy and simple with data validation for shipping notifications and prompt receipt processing. It also supports outbound processes by scheduling activity, and inventory picking and traceability features.

SAP in Customer Relationship Management: By maintaining service interaction history and unified customer profile access, SAP provides insights into customer behavior enabling teams to target marketing activities and subsequently retain customers.

SAP in Finance and Accounting: SAP helps finance and accounting professionals with financial accounting and reconciliation, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting while also simplifying other finance-related functions like treasury, debt, and risk management.

Final Thoughts on Implementing SAP

The decision to choose from amongst various ERP platforms depends on your company’s needs and problem areas. However, in most cases, the advantages of implementing SAP software outweigh the costs incurred in implementing it. SAP’s ability for simplifying the business processes by streamlining business functions improves productivity and ROI making SAP a worthwhile investment.

Once the decision of implementing SAP is been made, businesses need to prepare themselves to drive user adoption. This requires seeking help from professionals who can make the implementation process painless and straightforward by accelerating SAP training.

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