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Staff augmentation is one way to scale your business and affordably staff your project. Through staff augmentation, Business can leverage their existing resources while making use of external resources too. With the evolution of outsourcing, IT staff augmentation for remote collaboration of staff has become a common norm in tech startups as they have realized the benefits of it. It is one way for the startups to fill the gap in expertise by acquiring unique sets of skills and competencies across borders from remote locations. IT Staff Augmentation helps tech startups acquire specialized skills at affordable costs.

Understanding Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a widely adopted outsourcing plan that enables you to hire skilled talent without having them on your permanent payroll. By implementing the strategy of IT staff augmentation, you can acquire qualified employees with specialized skills from software development companies offering IT staff augmentation services. The COVID-19 Pandemic situation has boosted the demand for IT staff augmentation as IT companies need more qualified and affordable staff, from offshores and outsourcing companies, to meet their project deadlines and project objectives.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation has a myriad of benefits in terms of cost and ease of business. Staff augmentation can save your startup the trouble of headhunting activities like payroll management, headhunting, and others. The only work effort required in staff augmentation is the external staff management in addition to your in-house team. Apart from convenience, efficiency, and profitability, there are many other noteworthy benefits of IT staff augmentation that helps you gain an edge over your competitors.

1. Economic and Flexible

One of the biggest and most sought advantages of IT staff augmentation is cost savings. Benefits like flexible pay and flexible work schedules offered by having dispersed teams allow technical startups to scale up or down their staff as per their requirements. IT staff augmentation reduces overall staffing cost for Tech Startups by saving the cost of benefits offered as part of salary packages for permanent staff, and overhead expenses that won’t need to be utilized for a remote team. Moreover, IT staff augmentation also saves you the time and resources utilized in the lengthy process of searching, hiring, and training your new team. Companies offering IT staff augmentation services generally have extensive experience in recruiting the right talent with expert technical skills.

2. Provides Staff with Specialized Skills

Startup owners may end up hiring irrelevant staff at a high cost because of time and resource constraints and for being new in the business. Most IT Tech startups need to hire people with expert technical skills. If those specific technical skills need to be used only one time, hiring a permanent employee would result in a high sunk cost. IT staff augmentation can be adopted as a solution to sunk cost by hiring the specific technical skillset for the amount of time you need it. This way, you can hire a whole team with several different expertise and reduce your time to market by speeding up your development time. Being able to hit the market faster and releasing your final product to market before your competitors will give you an edge over your completion and industry.

3. Escalates Output and Ideas

Augmented employees come from a variety of backgrounds and are experienced in working with various different employers. This equips them with the ability to bring a fresh perspective and different angles to your project and offer out-of-the-box solutions for the challenges your new company is facing. Their feedback can help you in improving your business idea and output as they are experienced in dealing with various kinds of difficulties. As IT staff augmentation lowers your development cost, it allows you to hire more people in less money and hence increase your output. All these benefits lead to low administrative costs, more focus on your business goals, and room to invest in scaling your business.

4. 24/7 Resources

As IT staff augmentation also gives the benefit of time zone flexibility, it helps in allocating resources in a way that supports customers in their particular time zones. This availability of around-the-clock resources improves your customer service and retention in the longer run. The resulting flexibility of time and available resources allows tech startups to obtain a high level of resource management and operational efficiency.

5. Transparency and Control

As with Traditional IT outsourcing, companies fear losing control over their operational effectiveness, IT staff augmentation offers a very transparent delivery model. IT staff augmentation allows tech startups to exercise full control over their development process and results as there are no third parties involved in your workflow. By being able to directly communicate with your augmented staff and share ideas, you can leverage reduced operational costs while enjoying fully monitored progress and control over results.

In Conclusion

In a global technical village, demand for skilled tech experts is growing at a tremendous pace making many tech startups resort to the model of IT staff augmentation. You can use the strategy of remote staff augmentation to enjoy lower development and administrative costs, increased efficiency and flexibility, and more transparency and control, faster time to market, and many more to boost your startup. Staff augmentation service providers take care of the hiring process, resource allocation & management thus allowing entrepreneurs to focus on innovation and a quick product launch. 

Do you own a tech startup? If Yes, It’s imperative for you to embrace a dispersed team and build a highly-skilled workforce. Reach out to us at to make us your trusted staff augmentation partner and let us help your tech startup reach the sky in no time.

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