IT professionals considering a career in web development have several questions in their minds regarding programming languages, salary expectations, career growth, and the job market.

As a computer science graduate, you can find various routes toward web development. Nevertheless, your earning potential will be determined by your technical knowledge, IT skills, and command on programming languages. Visit here if you want to learn more about the khred outsource services.

One of the most progressive and highly sought-after career paths is JavaScript development, which is being used by more than 69% of web developers worldwide. This article explores the latest market trends in JavaScript development and analyzes the salaries of these professionals in different parts of the world.

Essential Skills for a JavaScript Developer

According to the latest research conducted by the global recruiting platform Devskiller, over 72% of development firms across the globe prefer hiring JavaScript developers due to their efficiency and multitasking abilities. JavaScript is considered one of the most sought-after programming languages in the global IT sector.

If you planning to make your career as a JavaScript developer, you must gain the following skills for fast career growth and development:

  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • React & Redux
  • Browser Developer Tools
  • CSS and JavaScript Frameworks
  • Node and Express
  • Testing/Debugging
  • Version Control
  • CSS Preprocessing

Why Companies Hire JavaScript Developers

JavaScript is a very famous framework currently being used by more than 31.3% of developers across the globe. Some of the exclusive benefits of adopting the JavaScript framework are given below:

  • Improved code stability
  • Enhanced development speed
  • Robust toolkit
  • Strong user community
  • Cost-efficiency
  • SEO-friendliness

JavaScript Developer Salary Trends

A recent report published by HackerRank found that the current demand for JavaScript across the globe offsets the number of professionals and desired expertise available on the market. In response to 48% demand by employers, only 42% of students possess the required skills and knowledge of JavaScript Development.

Similarly, the oversaturated job markets have created a skill gap across the globe making it challenging for employers to find talented JavaScript developers with their desired expertise and experience. These factors significantly affect the global salary trends for these professionals.

Hence, JavaScript developers have multiple options to negotiate for higher salaries and expect to be highly employable. JavaScript Programmer salary trends are different in different countries. Given below are some of these trends and their comparison.

Javascript salary in United States

Being the hub of global tech-giants, the United States is a worldwide leader of the IT industry. The American JavaScript market is rich with highly skilled and competent JS developers working on high-value projects. The average salary of a JavaScript developer in the United States is $104,000/annum, while Connecticut and Massachusetts are the top US states in terms of JavaScript developer salaries.

Experience LevelAnnual Salary
Fresh-1 year$60,000
2-4 years$66,000
5-9 years$84,000
10-19 years$99,000
More than 20 years$110,000

Average Salary of JS Developers in terms of Experience

Javascript salary in United Kingdom

Despite getting affected by Brexit at some levels, the British economy is still a leader in the European software development industry. The rising demand for skilled and experienced JS developers has positively affected the average salaries of British JS developers.

According to the official data released by Adzuna, the average salary of a JavaScript Developer in the UK is £53,679 per annum, which is 60% higher than the average salary of professionals from other fields in the country.

Besides, the salary of the JavaScript developer has also grown by 6% while other industries have shown a slight decline.

Javascript salary in France

France is one of the most important and valuable European tech hubs having a growing demand for skilled developers and IT professionals graduating from thousands of French poly-technical institutes and universities every year. 

JavaScript Developers are paid at an average salary of €30,000 per annum excluding other employee benefits like medical facilities and paid leaves. A junior JavaScript developer with no or little experience can start with €16,000 per annum and reach up to €40,000 per annum just in one year. Nevertheless, if you are an experienced JS developer with strong command on JS frameworks, you can earn over €55,000 yearly in France.

Javascript salary in Poland

Poland is considered one of the cheapest countries in the European Union where you can enjoy all facilities without exceeding your budgets. Nevertheless, low web developer salary rates make Poland a preferred choice of foreign investors for JS development outsourcing.

According to PayScale, the average salary of a JavaScript Developer in Poland is $18,000 per year. An entry-level JS developer makes around $9,000 per year while an experienced and talented JS developer can earn more than $59,000 yearly.

JavaScript Salary Comparison in Different Countries

To get a clear picture of JavaScript salary in different parts of the world, the following comparative salary table mentions the average salaries of JS developers in the top tech hubs with respect to experience level. 

Experience LevelNew YorkTorontoLondonSan FranciscoLos Angeles
Junior (0-1 year)$55,000$43,000$80,293$50,000$55,000
Middle (7-10 years)$129,000$98,000$99,569$139,222$119,659
Senior (20+ years)$233,000$176,000$105,992$271,000$208,000

Average JavaScript Salary in Pakistan

Unlike developed countries like the US and the UK, Pakistan offers a very low salary to JavaScript Developers being an emerging nation. In Pakistan, you can hire a highly qualified and talented JS developer with your desired skills and expertise at an average salary of $3,539 per year including annual bonuses and facilities.

So outsource JS development to Pakistan and acquire services of a trusted staff augmentation agency like Khired Networks to gain an economic edge over your competitors and achieve your desired corporate goals.


The average salary of JavaScript developers varies in different countries depending upon the experience level and location. The United States is the top paying nation for JS developers with an average salary of 104,000 per year.

Nevertheless, startups and organizations looking to control their expenses can hire skilled JavaScript developers from Pakistan at economical rates. A small JS developer salary of $3,539 per annum coupled with a young & energetic workforce makes Pakistan one of the best destinations for JavaScript outsourcing.

Hence, acquire BPO and staff augmentation services from Khired Networks and become a market leader.

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