As the number of smartphone users has surpassed the phenomenal 6.378 billion, mobile optimization has become critical to the success of every organization. The increasing trend of smartphone usage makes it obvious that convenience and quick access are two important elements of customer outreach strategy. In recent years, desk-top-only internet users are outdone by mobile-only internet users and mobile app users making businesses re-think their mobile strategies. This leaves companies to decide between having a mobile app or a website that works and looks well on mobile devices.

Difference between Mobile Website and Mobile App

Staying abreast with technology means businesses need to choose between a mobile website and a mobile app to ensure maximum customer outreach. The common factor between the two is that both of these platforms are accessible through handheld devices such as smartphones, blackberry, and tablets.

A mobile website is simple and easier to add as a mobile version of your desktop website through what is commonly known as a mobile-first approach in webs design. Unlike a standard website, a mobile-first approach website has a layout that accommodates a small display and touch-screen interface and can be scaled up for larger screens for PC or laptop users. A mobile website can display text, images, and videos along with other mobile-specific features like location-based mapping and “click-to-call”. A mobile application, on the other hand, needs to be downloaded and installed on the device and cannot be rendered by simple hosting on the browser as on a mobile website. Not all mobile applications need an internet connection to access content, some can also function offline as their content is installed along with the app.

Advantages of Mobile Website versus Mobile App

When it comes to choosing between the two, the answer lies in your business needs, target audience, and end goals. For certain businesses with interactive services like banks etc. having an app to facilitate real-time transactions and other customer-related services seem to be the best idea but yet it is important to have a mobile website in place to feature mobile-friendly content to the larger audience. Therefore, it is safe to say that a mobile website is the first step in establishing your online presence on handheld devices.


A mobile app can be costly especially if it is developed for more than one platform, which also means you need more than one app for your business. Mobile website on contrary cost lesser in terms of time and money and is more dynamic and flexible when it comes to upgrading content and functionality. They also save the user the time cost of downloading an upgraded version to enjoy new features as changes are published by simply editing the app without causing discomfort to the user.

Visibility and Life

Mobile websites are more visible than mobile apps as they appear in search results and industry-specific directories whereas mobile apps are only visible in application stores and do not last for long due to the constant need for upgrades. In contrast, users can return to mobile websites using the same URL they have been using for a long.

Maintenance and Support

A mobile website is much less costly when it comes to extending customer support and maintenance. In contrast, mobile apps incur heavy costs in designing and initial launch and continuous costs in terms of testing compatibility and support, maintenance or upgrades, and other developments.

In Conclusion

A mobile app is a way of enabling an application to the users for specific functions that a mobile website cannot accomplish. If you want to achieve some basic functions, it is needless to bear the cost of building an app for functions that even a mobile website can do. A mobile-friendly website is a rational choice for businesses that are seeking a mobile presence for marketing purposes and need a wide reach for sharing mobile-friendly content.

It is also considered important to know that a mobile-friendly website or mobile does not necessarily have to be exclusive. Businesses can opt for both or can even have the option of a web-based app that serves the combined functions of both options.

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