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Applying SaaS Business Model for your Tech Startup

With the growing use of convenient and versatile SMART devices, rather than purchasing and installing software to computers and/or computer networks, people generally prefer to use software services over the internet. SaaS (Software as a Service) can be defined as an...

Why Website is Important for your Startup Company

Very often, small businesses and startups tend to ignore the importance of having an online presence by having a website. Ignoring this important step in establishing your business has serious future implications. Following are 5 critical reasons why a website is...

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software with Project Management

If your CRM does not include Project Management, You’ll end up doing a variety of tasks manually with a deep impact on your Project’s deadlines and customers’ happiness. Both CRM and Project Management are timeline-based software designed to record activities and...

Khired Networks Has Been Nominated as a Top Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan by

Khired Networks has been providing its clients with cost-efficient, creative, and bespoke digital marketing services to increase their brand reputation and expand their consumer base. By utilizing advanced tools and technologies and the latest techniques, we work...

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the fastest response-generating marketing strategies adopted by most organizations. Telemarketing can save your company from failing to deliver good customer service which ultimately ends up creating a deficit in your revenue generation. Being...

IT Staff Augmentation Benefits for Tech Startups

Staff augmentation is one way to scale your business and affordably staff your project. Through staff augmentation, Business can leverage their existing resources while making use of external resources too. With the evolution of outsourcing, IT staff augmentation for...

Business Process Optimization

As a technical startup, one needs to understand and adopt the formula of “you can’t do it all”. To make your business grow and hit the targets on time while improving your workflows, business process optimization is a potential solution. One of the best ways to...

Artificial Intelligence for New Product Development

Unlike the natural intelligence exhibited by humans and animals, Artificial Intelligence is a demonstration of a machine in an attempt to emulate natural intelligence through a device that can perceive its environment and take actions accordingly. The term can also be...

Benefits of Automating Your HR System

Speed and accuracy have always been the most sought-after challenge for business gurus and perfectionists. Due to the technology-led industrial revolution, business process automation has become the main focus area of businesses. Businesses try to excel in their...

Importance of SAP in the WorkPlace

What is SAP? Systems Applications and Products (SAP) is an extensively used resource planning software for business, capable of creating a centralized system. It works as a data hub for departments by enabling access and sharing of data. SAP software can contain over...
Why Does Your Company Need a CRM System?

Why Does Your Company Need a CRM System?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system does more than recording sales, generating leads, and segmenting your customer base. A good look at your CRM data can help identify the pain points of your customers and their unique needs. It’s time for you to deploy a...

Technology Outsourcing for Startups

Technology Outsourcing for Startups

Outsourcing has been the top remedy for companies struggling to launch their product or services on a tight budget. Outsourcing, especially technology outsourcing as rendered many benefits to both big and small companies ranging from cost-effectiveness to specialized...

Why We Need to Adopt DevOps?

Why We Need to Adopt DevOps?

Grow with DevOps! Just a few years back, there was a thought that what if it becomes possible that we could have 10 deploys per day (referring to velocity conference 2009)? In over a few months, the IT industry has gone exceptionally outstanding by shifting the...

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2021

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2021

The year 2020 was full of incredible stories of resilience, courage, and optimism. While the whole world suffered from an unprecedented health crisis, the pandemic also made us realize the importance of being digitally advanced. Although the COVID-19 wreaked havoc on...

Khired’s Year in Review 2020

Khired’s Year in Review 2020

2020 has been a tough year for the global community. The COVID-19 outbreak severely affected the international economy causing a significant rise in unemployment, reduction in income, and disruption of different sectors due to the disease mitigation measures...

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