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Comprehensive Guide to Business Process Outsourcing for 2021

The COVID-19 crisis brought several changes in workplace culture within major organizations across the globe. From the decentralization of traditional offices to the rising trend of hiring remote resources, HR functions have undergone a major shift in 2020. Some of...

Khired’s Year in Review 2020

2020 has been a tough year for the global community. The COVID-19 outbreak severely affected the international economy causing a significant rise in unemployment, reduction in income, and disruption of different sectors due to the disease mitigation measures...

5 Steps from an idea to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

What is an MVP: An MVP, or the Minimum Viable Product, is the most basic version of your product idea which allows you to introduce your product in the market in a cost effective and a quick way. Building an MVP is crucial for entrepreneurs as it gives them customer...

Latest JavaScript Market Trend and Salaries around the World

IT professionals considering a career in web development have several questions in their minds regarding programming languages, salary expectations, career growth, and the job market. As a computer science graduate, you can find various routes toward web development....

Best Software Developer Salaries Around the World in 2020

Talented and experienced software developers are in high-demand worldwide due to their applicability in diverse sectors. They apply engineering principles and use modern programming tools to develop user-friendly and interactive software according to the clients’...

Python Developer Salary in the US and Worldwide

Being an aspect-oriented and popular language, python finds its application in several areas including machine learning and data science. Despite its rare usage in the web, python’s use is continuously growing in a startup environment. Python developers create system...

The Definitive Guide to Calculate Outsourcing Rates in 2021

The primary challenge startups face today is to plan, execute, establish, and themselves within a shoestring budget. Although business process outsourcing serves as the most economical solution to acquire project-specific skills, basic knowledge of the price...

Enterprise Trends for Fall 2020: A Guide for Businesses to Increase Their Competitiveness

Since 2020 started, businesses have been carefully choosing and adopting the new trends to stay ahead and be competitive in the coming years. In this regard, the ever evolving technology has always been a challenge for enterprises. To crown this, the start of 2020 saw...

How to find a trusted outsourcing partner in Pakistan

As the corporate world was hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs started realizing the significance of remote working. There has been a global push to outsource services and acquire professionals remotely amid lockdown & uncertainty caused by...

How does Staff Augmentation Work, A Step by Step Guide

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has erupted, companies around the globe are looking for viable solutions to come out of this crisis. The unprecedented lockdown and uncertainty have badly impacted the corporate world and created problems for entrepreneurs. From...
Why Companies are Outsourcing to Pakistan

Why Companies are Outsourcing to Pakistan

Pakistan is the world’s 6th most populated and Asia’s 4th most populated country. With an approximate population of more than 220 million, Pakistan is home to some of the world’s most intelligent and well-renowned scholars. Being one of the leading nations to secure...

How To Hire Perfect Staff Augmentation Firm

How To Hire Perfect Staff Augmentation Firm

The foremost thought that arises when any business intends to hire a remote team is to hunt a staffing partner as per the clients’ specific needs. The IT staffing firm must be flexible and resourceful as per the business needs. To resolve challenges businesses rely...

How to motivate staff who works from home

How to motivate staff who works from home

Staff that works from home experiences an altogether different atmosphere than that of the office one. Because of the flexibility they find by working at home, the idea is gaining popularity each passing day. At the same time, like any other thing, it also does carry...

How do Business Consultants Work, Definite Guide 2020

How do Business Consultants Work, Definite Guide 2020

Business consultants are result-oriented persons who like to resolve complex issues using their knowledge and technical expertise. Instead of using the word “problem,” consultants concentrate on value generation and creating new opportunities for sustainable growth....

8 Reasons to Become a Business Consultant

8 Reasons to Become a Business Consultant

Business consultants have become the need of the corporate world amid globalization challenges and rising competitions. Success-oriented entrepreneurs prefer partnering with business consultants to ensure rapid growth and overcome challenges. Instead of bearing...

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