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Inbound Marketing for Technology Companies

About this Article: Inbound marketing can generate more traffic from audiences who are relevant and have the tendency to convert into promising customers. Apart from delivering conversions, it brings about streamlined customer experience and sophisticated reporting....

Understanding Blockchain Technology for Startups

The initial concept of Blockchain as an Information Technology term for how to structure and share data has now transformed into a modern approach to the distributed database. These distributed databases are meant to store and share information and are controlled by a...

Why Businesses Should Opt for Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is the process of providing a custom solution to a business by designing, deploying, and maintaining custom-made software for a defined set of users and functions in that organization or institution. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software...

Top Trends for Successful Digital Marketing in 2021 and their Impact

Digital marketing is the key to promoting your business in this new era of technology and social media. Whatever the size of the business is, digital marketing has great potential to reach out to the various segments of potential customers with a greater conversion...

From Digitization to Virtualization

Digital transformation has infiltrated almost every aspect of human life and businesses around the world. The fast-paced digital transformation that started from bits and bytes to the development of computers, the internet, laptops, smartphones, the Cloud, artificial...

Mobile website Versus Mobile App- Which Option is the Best?

As the number of smartphone users has surpassed the phenomenal 6.378 billion, mobile optimization has become critical to the success of every organization. The increasing trend of smartphone usage makes it obvious that convenience and quick access are two important...

AI in Cloud Computing – Benefits and Drawbacks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is been the top trend in the technology industry, and there are no chances of it going down. It has positively impacted almost all business industries, particularly the modern ones, and the software industry is not an exception. AI is...

Writing a Good Code for Software Development

Codes are the building blocks for millions of technological products from gaming consoles to Satellites; a language that all computers understand and respond to. Codes are used in a range of activities from editing videos to flying airplanes. This is why computer...

Why Startups Should Outsource Digital Marketing?

Smartphones and social media are the new modes of acquiring information and seeking interactions in the digital world. It is not easy for startup businesses to be heard through all this noise with the increasing number of budding businesses advertising and marketing...

Understanding Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Software quality Assurance (SQA) is a process of monitoring and assuring that all processes ranging from defining requirement to coding that relate to software engineering adhere to the defined standards. It is a procedure that ensures that the software development...
Why Does Your Company Need a CRM System?

Why Does Your Company Need a CRM System?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system does more than recording sales, generating leads, and segmenting your customer base. A good look at your CRM data can help identify the pain points of your customers and their unique needs. It’s time for you to deploy a...

Technology Outsourcing for Startups

Technology Outsourcing for Startups

Outsourcing has been the top remedy for companies struggling to launch their product or services on a tight budget. Outsourcing, especially technology outsourcing as rendered many benefits to both big and small companies ranging from cost-effectiveness to specialized...

Why We Need to Adopt DevOps?

Why We Need to Adopt DevOps?

Grow with DevOps! Just a few years back, there was a thought that what if it becomes possible that we could have 10 deploys per day (referring to velocity conference 2009)? In over a few months, the IT industry has gone exceptionally outstanding by shifting the...

Khired’s Year in Review 2020

Khired’s Year in Review 2020

2020 has been a tough year for the global community. The COVID-19 outbreak severely affected the international economy causing a significant rise in unemployment, reduction in income, and disruption of different sectors due to the disease mitigation measures...

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