Digital marketing is the key to promoting your business in this new era of technology and social media. Whatever the size of the business is, digital marketing has great potential to reach out to the various segments of potential customers with a greater conversion rate than conventional marketing. The pandemic situation in the recent past has given rise to various new trends and ways in which digital marketing can be utilized at its best. Businesses are facing a dramatic change in consumer behaviors remodeled by technological development and adoption. The new developments in the field of digital marketing facilitate online interactions with customers and the utilization of online platforms to be customer relationships while promoting your business.

As the cliché goes, “the only thing that is constant is change” and digital marketers cannot adapt to the changing landscapes until they learn new trends. Following are some digital marketing trends that are on the top of the list in 2021.

1. Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the frequently used term in conventional marketing jargon but this terminology has achieved new standards in digital marketing. Manual segmentation that was once a practice in conventional marketing has become obsolete with the bulk of data on users stored by companies like Facebook and Google. This allows Artificial Intelligence to analyze data a large number of engagements and micro-segment the target audience on a deeper level from big digital ad algorithms. The result is low-cost marketing actualizing into more active engagement, customer retention, and higher customer lifetime value.

2. Unconventional Customer Journeys

Once linear customer experiences have now become highly unpredictable. Your prospective customer may stumble upon your product while browsing through their handheld device and dismiss you due to their attention diverted to something they find more interesting on the same page. The same customer may rediscover your product or brand at some other time may be on a different page. This kind of customer experience is holistic which means it is the collection of all experiences that a customer had at different moments about your brand. As customers interact with brands across many touchpoints digital marketers can use all those customer interactions to engage and inspire customers making their product pervasive in customer’s everyday life.

3. No-Click Searches and Featured Snippets

One of the top goals of Google SEO is appearing on top of the related google searches. The challenge is to rank for the featured snippet that works differently than other search entries. Google uses a featured snippet of highlighted text to answer queries without making the user click on anything. As users get their answers without having to click, it is challenging for digital marketers to provide adequate information to spawn users’ interest in getting more information by clicking.

4. Voice and Visual Searches
Users are finding it easier to talk into their search bars or enter images. Google Lens has enabled users to enter visuals to obtain information on the same image/video or other resembling images. Voice and visual searches bring different results than text searches changing the overall landscape of Google SEO encouraging digital marketers to focus on voice, image, and video SEO campaigns. People don’t use the same words while talking as they use in writing. This requires digital marketers to amend their SEO strategy for voice keywords.

5. Transactable Posts

It is evident through research that more and more customers are purchasing products as a result of sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram. Sponsored posts on social media are highly effective when they are designed to connect buyers to checkout. Therefore, the growing trend of e-commerce sales through unique social media channels can be attributed to easy integrations that have the potential to achieve conversions by streamlining the payment process.

6. Usage of Ad-Blockers

Another challenge that digital marketers face regularly is internet users applying ad blockers. This results in marketers losing their primary stream automatically at the source. This challenge can be dealt with by diverting your marketing budget to other digital marketing campaigns like influencer marketing or video campaigns.

7. Interactive Content

Posting interactive content warrants enhanced engagement and improved user experience. Posting response-generating content like quizzes, polls, open-ended questions, contests, and surveys can be a game-changer for your brand. Apart from giving joy to your potential customers, such content increase the time duration of user engagement and develops a personal connection with the user.

Going digital is the way forward. Digital marketing brings much more engagement than conventional marketing methods. Khired Network provides the best digital marketing services by making your product available to the right people at the right time using the right digital marketing handle. Our digital marketing team is expert at designing a digital marketing strategy and executing it to help you engage and interact with your potential customer in a new and unique ways. We direct our digital marketing efforts towards converting online users to paying consumers. Contact our digital marketing team now by clicking on or emailing at

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