If your CRM does not include Project Management, You’ll end up doing a variety of tasks manually with a deep impact on your Project’s deadlines and customers’ happiness.

Both CRM and Project Management are timeline-based software designed to record activities and their respective timelines. Project Management significantly supports CRM software in many ways. CRM software with Project Planning and Management component make tasks easy with its scheduling and time tracking tools. Having a Project module in your CRM software allows information flow to other stakeholders and allows them to track your progress. CRM software does a job of managing customers’ information and relationships. It is also a type of software that focuses on the external activities of a business. Project management helps in achieving larger business goals. Businesses often adopt CRM as a cure for their marketing and sales strategies. However, the lack of cross-function collaboration makes it difficult for teams to communicate while managing projects. If you want to use CRM across departments including marketing and sales, combine it with project management to reach your business goals.

Importance of Project Management for CRM

CRM requires Project Management in learning about its customers and for keeping them satisfied with the business. While CRM enables easy communication and behavior tracking of a customer, project management ensures all tasks relating to customer management are done promptly. Following are some of the benefits achieved by using Project management in CRM.

1. Sustain Customers by helping marketing teams in tracking leads and accounts and keep a tap on customers’ activities while working on a project.

2. Convert customers into partners by allowing them to views and approve deliverables and enhance quality control by allowing sales and accounts teams to see where the project is standing in the process.

3. Form a strategic alignment between accounts, sales, marketing, and customer care teams involved in customer relationship management and decrease uncertainty by allowing them to view customer activities during the project.

4. Speeds up the execution of a project by bringing teams and clients to the software to provide notes and create tasks that result in quick closure of the sale.

5. Removes communication issues by combining your entire customer and project information on a central platform and removes unnecessary data inaccessibility.

6. Allows the close analysis of teams’ progress by providing all stakeholders a visual view of the workflow. This enables them to view the status of tasks in the pipeline and generates accountability and focus.

7. Provides data-driven insights by generating analytical reports with a 360-degree view of customer data to support your business decisions.

8. Integrates all communication including emails allowing representatives at different stages of the projects to have access to these emails.

9. Gives full visibility of your project eliminating confusion about who is doing what. This allows the leadership to keep everyone in line, taking responsibility for the success of the project.

Cons of Excluding Project Management from Your CRM

Lack of Strategic Alignment

Project management gives direction to your CRM software. Projects tend to drift or fail to adapt to change in the face of certain risks and unaccounted situations that might arise during the project. Good project management takes care of the final product that needs to be delivered by developing a separate framework for the goal management of each client. Assigning separate Project Management slots helps CRM in keeping track of all the details and ensures that the project is part of the realignment even when the strategy changes. It is far too expensive and worse for your business if your projects loses its course and fails to adapt to changes.

Compromised Leadership

Without proper Project Management, leadership may lose sight and control. When the tasks are not delineated for the team, there’s a lot of confusion about the responsibility and accountability of team members, making it difficult for the leadership to keep everyone on track. A drifted team with vague aims lacks structure and goals and becomes an unproductive lot for the company. Without Project Management in your CRM, it is difficult for the leadership to set clear objectives and track the accomplishment of tasks by set deadlines for one task after another. A project can falter with this inadequacy of the leadership to have clear insights resulting in loss of objectives.

Improper Risk Management

Without Project Management being part of CRM, It is difficult to manage risks while preventing them from becoming long-term issues. Without robust processes of project management in place, risks cannot be identified and dealt with early on as soon they occur. Pushing aside risks and ignoring their existence increases uncertainty and compromise the success of the project. However, Project management allows mitigation of risks y having contingency plans in place by having a proactive rather than reactive approach.


CRM is often seen as a tool to manage your contacts and relationship with your client companies and also records that communication like emails etc. in form of documents. Project management, on the other hand, allows you to manage a full project life cycle by planning and organizing until the completion of a project. Combining CRM with project management provides a holistic system that makes data accessible and promotes collaboration and teamwork. It allows everyone involved in the task to have easy access and thus improve the business process. By having them combined, you don’t have to switch between the software to risk the loss of information as everything is centralized and accessible.

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