Whether you are a Startup or an already established business, your business idea will not prosper unless it’s presented in the most precise, attractive, and comprehensive manner. To make most of the representation of your business idea, it is important to have a thoroughly designed and maintained business website. An easy-to-use and client-oriented website can let you turn a profit in the very first business interaction. Start-ups need to balance between opportunities and resources, low budgets and rapid workflows, data collection, and management during their initial phase. Besides expert professional advice, having professionals for building and maintaining a website helps startups focus on other areas of business. Though websites are central to the success of any business in a world ruled by technology, managing websites is not always easy in a fast-paced technology-driven digital world.

Besides development, your website needs regular periodic management. Most management issues can be traced around concerns like vulnerability to cyber-attacks, and potential for server glitches and network issues. Website management comes with multiple tasks to perform recurrently like taking backup to prevent data loss, avoiding downtime loss, database optimization to keep your load time faster, regularly updating landing pages associated with the advertisement, and personalized responses to customers’ queries.

Your website is the first representation of your business. A great and engaging website speaks volumes about your business. As your business competes in the industry, your website competes in the online marketplace. As websites are the way to connect and get your ideas across to potential customers and the community, here are some important features you need to embed in your website to make it look great.

Points to Consider for Website Development

1. Domain Name

Your URL is the first impression of your website to the customers who approach you using digital means. It is the first thing your potential client comes into contact with when trying to get in touch with you. The best domain name is the one easy to spell and remember, has reputable domain extension, and coherent to the scope of your business.

2. SE0-friendly

Integrating SEO optimizations will increase the traffic on your website. Ensure all links are attached to your website structure to achieve desirable SEO rankings. Usage of adequate keywords and answering the comments is also a key to making your website SEO-friendly.

3. Web-hosting Service

In addition to web design and content, choosing the best hosting service for your website can be confusing as there are many to choose from. Your choices may sway around “shared-server” and “dedicated server”, VPS, and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Another important element to consider while choosing a web hosting service is “Uptime”. It is important to choose the service that offers above 99% uptime as it can be very frustrating for the user to wait for several minutes for the site to open after clicking on the link.

4. Content Management

Content strategy is the most crucial tool in the digital arsenal. A website content that is sufficient in quantity and updated to the needs and choices of potential clients serves as a high-intensity magnet for pulling profits. To get more views on the website, articles, and blogs published on external sites or pages can also be linked to your website to generate traffic. In addition to relevant content according to your product and services, testimonials from your customers can also play the role of open feedback for new and potential clients.

5. User-Interface

A good website is user-friendly in many ways and allows easy access on multiple devices. Given that a large number of digital consumers access websites through their mobile devices, it is important to have a cross-device compatible website. Easy navigation also plays an important role in making the website look and act user-friendly. Another captivating feature of easy navigation and user-friendliness is the search bar and call to action button. A search bar and call to action buttons guide your leads towards converting by getting them to act. A search bar allows user to navigate swiftly through your website and access information quickly and easily whereas a call to action button stand out and make connects your customer to the business instantly.

6. Lay-out and Visuals

Maintaining consistency in the style and layout of your website creates brand recognition and makes your website more cohesive. The theme of your website including color, format, typography, and visuals being consistent makes your website look more tactful. Apart from the layout, a balance between text and images also helps in increasing engagement. Providing loads of text about your specialty can be boring and might reduce attention span. A professional web designer tends to support the text with interesting and relevant images, promos, and videos. However, it is also advised to avoid stuffing the visual data as it may play with your SEO ratings.


An interactive website requires regular and continuous maintenance to keep it safe and secure. A great website should not be left unattended after it has grown to its potential. To keep your website free of cyber-attacks and stale content, it is important to get it regularly maintained. A Properly managed website does not only maintain a fresh look but also helps in profiling users to help you learn more about your audience. This in turn supports you in customizing your products, services, and ways of interaction to cater to clients’ specific needs. You should also keep a check on your competitors to gauge their performance with their online presence and see how you can surpass them. It is also a part of website management to ensure it is backed up at least once every day, the server is regularly monitored, security patches are installed, and the performance is smooth even if your startup has taken off resulting in a surge in traffic.

Khired.com is long operating in the field of web development and management, giving them years of experience in consultations and support. Our ability to adapt to needs allows us to swiftly work with even a small IT staff to produce platforms that can cope with a large number of users. Our efficient project management tools and methods allow us to exceed our clients’ expectations. We specialize in building websites featuring user-friendly tools for customers and in-house administrators. Our team is expert in understanding your challenges and making actionable recommendations for improvement.

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