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Very often, small businesses and startups tend to ignore the importance of having an online presence by having a website. Ignoring this important step in establishing your business has serious future implications. Following are 5 critical reasons why a website is important for startup companies.

1. Goodwill

These days most consumers search the internet to look for the products and services they need. A Company’s goodwill is the main factor in its credibility and transparency when it comes to its brand image. When you start your new business, there are high chances of other providers offering the same product or services or an alternate. The only way to stand out from your competitors is having a user-friendly website that looks professional and contains clear information about the quality of products and services you offer. Not having a website puts a big question mark over your credibility as a new business. Your website is your opportunity to make your first impression a lasting one and assure your potential customers that you are a trustworthy business. Having a good-looking website inspires greater confidence in startups as it provides them with a storefront to promote their business.

2. Organic Traffic and Leads

By having an SEO-optimized website, your chances of showing up in Google search results increase drastically. This means that when people are looking for a product or service on the internet, your website will show up in search results. The subsequent influx of traffic on your website will increase your customer base and your chances of getting leads. By having an expert to weave in all the essential SEO tactics while designing your website, you can have the best of trends and leads. Once people pay a visit to your website, they’ll become interested in your offerings given that your website looks good and professional. Having an attractive website gets you the top rank on search engines because of its high-quality content. It will also give visitors a chance to get their answers by contacting you through your website allowing you to increase sales.

3. Branding

Showcasing your brand through your website is one of the most tactful things to build your brand identity and reputation. A well-crafted website can create a recognizable identity for your startup by giving you credible visibility that strengthens the loyalty of your customers. Your website establishes your Brand by communicating who you are, what your business values are, and what is it that you represent and offer. This sets you apart from your competitors and strengthens your relationship with your customers. It can be extremely challenging to build your brand image without a website because people won’t be able to find any information about your business.

4. Saving Customer’s Time

A website saves the time of customers as they don’t need to make a call for asking simple questions relating to your business and the products/services you offer. A website enables an all-around satisfying and super convenient experience to your customer as they can find useful information without needing to call. It also provides your customers a 24/7 access to your business eliminating your concerns of losing customers during your closing times. Another way of saving your customers’ time is to have a mobile-friendly website design as an increasing number of customers use their mobiles to search online.

5. Customer Engagement

You may have a great story to tell, but no one wishes to explore the “About” page of your website if it’s not aesthetically appealing and engaging. One way to engage your customers is by keeping them updated on everything that you are doing. Displaying information about your discounts and new offers increases the chances of creating relevance and upselling to your customers. Hence, it is essential to have a website that is an excellent combo of being informative and engaging at the same time.

Most often, small businesses and startups are hesitant to operate online for they believe they are not tech-savvy enough to manage and maintain a website. Some startups find it difficult to make room in their budget for the high costs that most companies charge for website development and management. Khired has helped many small businesses and technology startups create their digital presence in a cost- effective manner. If you already have a make-in-home site, having it professionally re-designed by Khired will contribute to the professional image of your business. Through our best customer service, we ensure to guide our clients in making good use of their website to have a positive ROI. Contact us by clicking on our weblink or emailing us at to avail our professional and expert web development and management services.

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