The much-awaited GPT-4 is finally released by San Francisco-based AI research and deployment company OpenAI. The latest version of this AI-based chatbot is 500 times more powerful, creative, and less biased than its predecessor GPT-3. 

Although GPT-4 has already shocked internet users globally, over 98% of individuals don’t know how to use this next-generation AI language model. With plenty of new capabilities and powerful features that were never witnessed before, GPT-4 is set to make remarkable developments in the coming months. From working on creative and technical writing tasks to analyzing images with accuracy, GPT-4 is more powerful than we can even imagine. OpenAI has extensively worked on the problem-solving abilities of GPT-4 enabling this tool to solve highly complicated problems with accuracy. 

So, how powerful GPT-4 is, and what tasks can it do by leveraging powerful analytical and creative capabilities? Let’s explore the new features of ChatGPT in this article. 

What is GPT-4? 

GPT-4 is the updated version of the globally-renowned AI chatbot ChatGPT released on Tuesday 14 March 2023. Declared the most capable and aligned model today, GPT-4 is a multimodal system with the ability to interpret multinodular prompts and analyze both text and pictures.  

OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, said they followed the research path from the GPT series of language models to gain advanced Generative AI capabilities. GPT-4 is an increasingly sophisticated and powerful language model that can handle 25,000 words, accept images and inputs, and complete writing tasks. Besides, it can better understand and generate natural language text, with improvements in areas such as accuracy, speed, and efficiency. 

Moreover, the updated version has remarkable problem-solving abilities allowing users to solve complex issues with ease and accuracy. ChatGPT users can now produce more useful responses, create long-form content, and participate in extended conversations. However, only users of the ChatGPT Plus paid subscription will have access to GPT-4 for $20 per month. 

What’s New in GPT-4? 

According to OpenAI, GPT-4 has broad general knowledge and advanced reasoning capabilities. Relative to the old versions of ChatGPT, this next-generation AI tool utilizes more data and computation to produce more factual responses.  

The company says it spent over 6 months making the updated version of ChatGPT safer and more aligned. As a result, GPT-4 is 40% more likely to produce factual responses and 82% less likely to handle inappropriate requests than GPT-3. Recent advancements in deep learning make this AI-powered chatbot a more collaborative, problem-solver, and creative tool than ever before. 

Some newly-added features of GPT-4 include: 

  1. Offers a high degree of steerability 
  2. 82% Safer and More Aligned 
  3. Significant Performance Improvements 

1. Accepts Both Text and Images

One major improvement OpenAI has made in GPT-4 is its ability to process both text and image prompts. Unlike GPT-3.5 which accepts only text, the updated version of ChatGPT is multimodal and allows users to use image inputs in addition to text. 

With the addition of multimodal capability, GPT-4 can interpret the image content and respond to queries written in these images. The best thing about this multimodal capability is that it spans images of all sizes and types including screenshots, portraits, and hand-drawn sketches.  

For instance, OpenAI showed in a demo that GPT-4 created a website code by interpreting a hand-drawn sketch. In another demo by The New York Times, the tool presented a list of savory and sweet meals by looking at the ingredients placed inside the interior of a fridge.

2. Can Process Up to 25,000 words

Most AI language models have short-term memory that limits their ability to process longer strings of text. This is not the case with GPT-4 because its data processing capabilities have been drastically expanded. Now, users can process long-form text up to 25,000 words, include multiple details in a single query, and answer more complicated questions. 

This is because GPT-4 measures the text inputs and outputs via the tokenization process. It doesn’t have any character or word count per se giving it a competitive edge over its predecessor GPT-3.5 which could process only 4000 tokens (3000) words in one query. On the other hand, GPT-4 can process over 32,000 tokens (15,000 words) and can be used for extended conversations, long-form content, and document search.

3. Supports Multiple Languages

Another remarkable development GPT-4 has shown is in terms of vocabulary and critical thinking abilities. It now supports over 26 languages across different regions including low-resource languages like Swahili and Latvian. During testing, GPT-4 outperformed GPT-3.5 in terms of accuracy and English-language performance. 

Recently, Duolingo integrated GPT-4 into its system and started offering new features in Spanish and French. The updated module allows students to have natural conversations while discussing specialist topics across diverse fields. In the coming months, Duolingo will also roll out advanced features and new courses in more languages.

4. Understands More Complex Inputs

No AI chatbot is as powerful as GPT-4 when it comes to understanding complex and nuanced prompts. This claim has been verified through several checks on this powerful AI chatbot that demonstrated human-level performance on standardized academic and professional tests. 

With advanced reasoning capabilities, GPT-4 has solved human-level exams like LSAT, BAR, GRE, and several AP modules. The newly updated chatbot not only solved these tests with competitive scores but also outperformed GPT-3.5 in terms of accuracy, reliability, and response time. 

Experts believe GPT-4’s ability to understand complex prompts is supported by three factors. First, it has a broad data range that can process up to 25,000 words as compared to GPT-3.5 which could manage 8,000 words only. Secondly, OpenAI has introduced cutting-edge problem-solving abilities that make GPT-4 more reliable and accurate than ever before.

5. 82% Safer and More Aligned

OpenAI claims that after 6 months of consistent hard work, they have finally made GPT-4 safer, more securer, and more aligned. The updated version of ChatGPT is 82% less likely to respond to requests leading to inappropriate content.  

Besides, the tool is 40% more likely to produce logical and factual responses as compared to its predecessor GPT-3.5. This means the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by GPT-4 can now match the human level. Following recent updates, several companies including tech giant Microsoft have started integrating GPT-4 into their own apps. 

Final Words 

If you want to see the future of AI, GPT-4 is here. The most powerful, intelligent, and robust AI tool with incredible capabilities is finally out in the public. The updated version is faster, more collaborative, and more reliable relative to the previous versions of ChatGPT. 

GPT-4 has a broader general knowledge along with advanced reasoning capabilities. The AI chatbot now accepts both text and image inputs, can process up to 25,000 words, and understand more complex prompts. Additionally, GPT-4 supports 26 different languages and offers more safety in its responses. 

To make ChatGPT more powerful, OpenAI claims it has trained this chatbot by getting feedback from 50 experts in AI safety and security. However, this new version is available to premium users only for just $20 per month.