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Our qualified and fully trained call center agents elevate the customer service experience and help you uplift your brand reputation.

Khired Networks offers premium call center outsourcing services to domestic and international customers across the globe. Our performance-driven call center services take your customer support to the next level and enable you to meet the provided sales targets. We have a team of dedicated and experienced call center agents that is committed to satisfying your valued customers and growing your business by handling their queries professionally. Additionally, we are one of the leading call center companies and offer a wide range of flexible and economical packages catered to your business needs to help you build your brand image and exceed your clients’ expectations. Our call center outsourcing service offerings include inbound & outbound calls, live chat support, help desk, email customer support, telemarketing & lead generation, and online research.

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The Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Acquiring call center outsourcing services from Khired Networks offers the following benefits:

1.        Eliminate staffing issues
2.        Lower your operational costs
3.        Elevate customer experience
4.        Professional handle overflow call volume
5.        Improve business productivity
6.        Increase customer satisfaction
7.        Stay focused on core competencies
8.        Achieve flexibility and scalability
9.        Build your brand image
10.      Get access to specialized industry knowledge
11.      Round-the-clock feedback
12.      Create a positive impression on customers
13.      Expand research globally
14.      Real-time quality monitoring
15.      Access to the latest technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outsourced call center?

An outsourced call center is a centralized office equipped with cloud-based facilities where qualified professionals provide customer support, telemarketing & lead generation, sales, and back-office services remotely.

Why should I outsource my call center operations to a third-party?

Acquiring call center outsourcing services from a third-party helps you reduce your fixed costs, maximize your flexibility, boost organizational performance, increase sales production, and satisfy your customers without bearing the liabilities of in-house teams.

What is an inbound call?

An inbound call refers to a call received by the call center agent from a customer to seek help, get information, or file a complaint against the company’s products or services.

Do your employees have the required English accent?

Yes, we hire candidates having excellent English written, spoken, listening, and reading skills with a key focus on the US or UK accent. These qualities give us a competitive edge over the rest of the call center companies in the UK.

How do you ensure data security?

Being one of the trusted call center companies, we never compromise on data security and take all possible measures to secure your confidential information. For that purpose, our staff members sign a non-disclosure agreement and are not allowed to share, misuse, or exploit your personal details.

What are your working hours?

To remain ahead of the rest of the call center companies, we ensure round-the-clock operations and provide 24/7 customer support 365 days a year.

How do you handle the lost calls when all phone calls are busy?

When the phone lines are busy, we transfer all the incoming calls to the voicemail, which are responded to by our call center agents when the lines are free again.

Can I terminate the agreement?

Yes, you are free to terminate the agreement for call center outsourcing services by giving us a 30-day written notice in advance to help us better channelize our resources.

What is the purpose of establishing a call center?

Call centers act as a communication channel between a company and its customers. In outsourced call centers, customer support agents talk to different clients on behalf of businesses as third-party representatives and perform the assigned tasks.

Is your staff well-trained and experienced?

Yes, all our call center agents and customer support representatives are pre-trained and possess comprehensive experience in managing inbound & outbound calls, resolving customer queries, and handling different situations. Besides, we also ensure our employees understand your business needs before getting onboard for better results.

What is an outbound call?

An outbound call occurs when a telemarketing executive initiates a call with prospective customers like individuals or organizations for lead generation or marketing purposes.

How can I increase my sales?

You can leverage the investments in your company and increase your sales by hiring experienced telemarketing agents and sales professionals from a trusted call center outsourcing company like Khired Networks.

Do you use any Live Chat software?

Yes, our chat support agents use advanced live chat software for better customer support.

How can I hire a call center agent?

Hiring professional and experienced call center agents from Khired Networks is very easy. Once you have decided to acquire our call center outsourcing services, just send us an email at Our representative will talk to you shortly and discuss further matters.

Do your agents handle multiple tasks?

No, we strictly advise our call center agents not to handle multiple tasks or provide supplementary services while dealing with a customer as it may shift their focus and compromise the service quality.

Do you have any payment T&Cs?

We start working only when you make the advance payment. Besides, the provision of services can be suspended or even terminated in case of excessive payment delays.

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