Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Represent your brand through a digital hemisphere”


Khired Networks has exceptional expertise in the domain of Digital Marketing as our team consists of a highly experienced Digital Marketers. We have a 4 step process that makes sure the brand goes through a full exposure so that weak points can be identified and in turn converted to strong ones.






Social Media Marketing

Every brand has a unique portfolio and it is our job to identify it. Social Media Marketing makes optimal use of social media platforms to connect with your audiences to increase sales, build your brand and increase website traffic. 


Retargeting (referred to as remarketing by Google) ads display to people who have already visited your website and who have already established themselves as prospects. When done correctly, retargeting increases conversion rates 50% to 100%, or more

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is keyword-driven, and displays ads on websites with content that matches the keywords the display campaign targets. When your ad displays, it is likely to be relevant and timely, improving the likelihood of your ad getting clicked.

Display Advertising

Online advertising lets you target the right people. We build your display advertising campaign on the right target audience from the very start. By understanding your core business and the audience most likely to interact with you, we build a campaign that drives conversion. Every ad, with specific keywords, leads to a dedicated landing page to convert them into a paying customer. We make sure each aspect of your campaign is tailored to the type of person viewing and clicking on your custom advertisements.Our display advertising services will help you reach qualified prospects and generate excellent sales leads with high potential for conversion.

Email Marketing

t is true that in today’s era, email is the most widely used medium of official correspondence as well as professional communication between businesses. This marketing tool is playing the most effective role in business promotion and marketing, if done correctly.At khired Networks, we make sure to fulfil all your email marketing needs. We ensure high level of communication to your corporate emails to ensure a clear and sound message is delivered to the right audience.
We can provide services from email flyer designing to final bulk delivery with best inbox rate


Content Marketing

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, you should be aware of the fact that more and more businesses are seeing the value that content marketing has to offer. This gives you a chance to engage with your customers in a way that they expect to be treated, by delivering a content that they are comfortable with and are most likely to stay engaged.
By researching your target audience, we are Khired make sure to tailor the content according to their needs and then promote it to increase site traffic. Let us create a strategy for you to increase your conversations with your potential audience and clients.