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Boost your corporate growth and increase  customer experiences with customized Bitrix24 solutions.

What is Bitrix24 and its Features? 

Bitrix24 is a social enterprise platform with a single ecosystem that allows both established organizations and SMEs to handle various aspects of their daily operations and tasks. Being a comprehensive, cost-effective, and full-spectrum solution, Bitrix24 incorporates all the tools required for business administration and team collaboration.


Communicate and collaborate with your employees virtually, at home or in office


A digital sales suite with customer support, client management, and marketing automation features

Tasks and Projects

Manage your tasks and projects online and receive progress reports anytime

Sites and Store

Create beautiful and SEO-ready websites and online stores with template-based website builder

What Khired Networks Offers?

From implementation to training and technical support, Khired Networks offers full-spectrum Bitrix24 solution to its clients.



We provide customized Bitrix24 solutions tailored to your business needs and test every stage to ensure the portal works correctly.



We provide your team with necessary training regarding the utilization of Bitrix24 solutions and tools for your company’s long-term corporate growth.



We provide B24 technical support, add extra modules to your portal, manage your hosting, and customize applications as per your request.

Bitrix24 Solution

1. Marketing Automation

2. Contact Center

3. Lead Generation & Nurturing

4. Client Management

5. Sales Analytics

6. Marketing Team Collaboration

7. Tasks & Projects

8. Document Management

9. Group Calendars

10. CRM Web Forms

1. Employee Directory & Management

2. Report Builder

3. Self-service and Workflow Automation

4. Real-time Communication

5. Employee Engagement

6. Time Management

7. Collaboration in the Extranet

8. eLearning

1. To-Do Lists

2. Task Dependencies

3. Workload Management

4. Advanced Reporting

5. Gantt Charts

6. Kanban View of Tasks

7. Automated Workflows

8. Email-to-Task Conversion

9. Real-time Collaboration

10. File Sharing

1. Customer Contact Center

2. Integration with Social Networks

3. Bots and AI

4. Live Chat and Instant Messaging

5. Knowledge Management

6. Helpdesk

7. Mobile App

8. Telephony

9. Queuing and Routine

10. File Sharing and Drive

Three Steps Cloud Implementation Process

We follow a three-step process to implement cloud services and ensure organizational success through best practices.

These steps are given below:


First of all, we replace the physical infrastructure with virtual infrastructure and convert hardware into software


In this phase, the cloud applications monitor their utilization and distribute processes across the extended infrastructure.

Flexible Data Processing

Finally, we deploy virtual capacities internally in the most flexible data processing centers for workload management and scalability.

Benefits of Bitrix24 Solutions

Keep track of marketing efforts

Monitor sales funnel, manage your marketing budget, and keep notes on updates

Increase ROIs and make better marketing decisions

Encourage communication between different teams

Track time spent on each project

Project management by creating tasks with customizable templates

Repetitive tasks automation with custom timeframes

Answer customers’ questions and resolve queries in real-time

Provide impeccable customer support

Improve your customers’ experiences with CRM web forms and instant messenger

Want to Implement Bitrix24?

Thousands of businesses are using Bitrix24 for improved customer experiences. Partner with us to boost your corporate growth.

Bitrix24 Mobile Apps

Bitrix24 offers a variety of mobile and desktop apps including add-ons and custom solutions, integrations and extensions, custom landing templates, and bespoke solutions for telephony, banking, payments systems, and customer support. Besides, you can enhance your cloud intranets solution with Bitrix24 open API, which allows the users to adjust workflows and business logic inside their cloud-based portals. You can also custom businesses applications with this SaaS platform, such as:





Data storage

(information blocks)

Users and Departments

Notifications and Activity Stream

Social network groups

(workgroups, projects)

About Us

Khired Networks is an end-to-end solutions provider delivering innovative, dynamic, and cost-efficient products and services tailored to multiple sectors.

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