The COVID-19 pandemic has badly impacted the global markets due to lockdown and uncertainty. The prevailing situation is leading to an unprecedented economic slowdown and renowned economists have already warned about a historical recession ahead. Even the most stable and multinational companies are also suffering from lockdown and bearing the consequences of this contagious disease.

Although the situation has become very much controlled in developed regions, emerging nations with limited resources are still struggling to restart their economic activities. At the same time, companies have started looking for alternative resources and cost-effective models that could help them under similar crisis and enable them to resume the corporate operations.

One of the most viable and cost-effective solutions to counter the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and improve operational efficiencies is staff augmentation. Empowered through technological innovation and organizational experiences, this technique is becoming a buzzword on the global market and being used by renowned companies to hire remote professionals. 

Staff augmentation is an innovative approach that allows companies to hire qualified resources remotely and complete projects without any geographical restrictions. 

Three primary characteristics that compel entrepreneurs to augment their teams through staff augmentation consulting are cost-efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. The technique offers a wide range of options to recruit candidates according to organizational requirements and acquire project-specific skills both on a short or long-term basis.

This article gives a complete overview of staff augmentation, the working mechanism of this model, its benefits and limitations, and prospects from a corporate perspective.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy in which subcontractors provide companies with qualified and experienced resources remotely according to organizational requirements. It is a powerful tool for any firm’s arsenal and can be adjusted in any corporate structure. 

The rationale behind the replacement of traditional hiring strategies with staff augmentation is growing concerns regarding organizational productivity and globalization. The advent of modern corporate strategies supported by technological transformations has transformed the conventional organizational structures by including some innovative and efficient approaches.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, there has been a growing concern to find innovative approaches to ensure continuity of operations and effective crisis management. Besides, companies have been employing various techniques and resources to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Although the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has badly affected the corporate world, it has changed the way companies used to operate and is likely to revolutionize the operational mechanism of worldwide organizations.

Leading economists and industry experts believe IT staffing services will rapidly replace conventional organizational strategies to hire resources and augment teams. Remote working is the future of modern businesses and will improve the firms’ ability to come out of crises.

Working Mechanism of Staff Augmentation

The staff augmentation model has various dimensions customized according to the requirements of each sector. However, the primary functional structure of this approach follows a similar mechanism. The process completes in four different steps.

  • Identification of Resources, Skills, & Expertise


First of all, the employer identifies how much resources are required for a specific project with predefined skills and expertise. The company executives discuss their plans to hire remote resources with company employees and consider their suggestions to make future decisions. Generally, managers from each department provide details of the estimated number of workers and skills required to effectively perform the particular activities. This is a pre-assessment phase as the desired number of professionals can be altered whenever required.

  • Review and Selection


Once the identification is completed, the company requests a subcontracting agency for the provision of remote professionals with the desired skills and expertise. The provider of offshore IT staffing services shortlists the most suitable professionals from a wide talent pool of highly skilled candidates and subject them to various stages of the selection process. The applicants that successfully pass all tests and interviews are recommended to the employers for their suggestion. Once approved, these employees work remotely and integrate with in-house teams of employers.

  • Staff Integration

The third step is staff integration, in which the newly recruited professionals are integrated with the employer’s full-time in-house teams. The purpose of integration is to help remote resources understand the work preferences, adjust themselves with organizational structure, collaborate with other employees, and contribute to organizational growth. Moreover, the process encourages the exchange of new ideas, valuable information, and values among staff members as well as promotes cultural harmony.

  • Training & Nurturing


The training process is vital to improve the staff’s performance and increase organizational productivity. Therefore, the staff augmentation agency offers various types of training courses for remote professionals. These include basic training and project-specific training. The latter is given through product-based training manuals provided by the employers that contain complete information about their company’s products and services.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

There are five exclusive benefits of staff augmentation services.

  • Cost-Reduction

Being a cost-effective and economical technique to augment teams, staff augmentation helps companies reduce their operational expenses without compromising on the work quality. The employers do not have to bear the additional liabilities of in-house employees as they get their desired work by placing professionals remotely. Similarly, the technique saves precious time of entrepreneurs that can be used to concentrate on core organizational functions.

  • Skills Gap


One of the most common challenges entrepreneurs are nowadays facing is the declining standards of workforces. Remote staffing solutions help them encounter this problem by providing them with highly qualified and experienced professionals. The provision of dedicated resources narrows the skills gap and plays a key role in improving corporate productivity.

  • Project-Specific Skills


Some projects with complex structures require specific skills and expertise. Despite having a competent in-house team, such projects demand the recruitment of additional resources capable of handling these projects effectively. Hence, staff augmentation agencies can provide candidates with project-specific skills from a pool of highly talented professionals. Moreover, the employers do not have to hire these experts permanently as they can be hired for both short and long periods.

  • Continuity of Operations


Organizations relying on full-time employees are nowadays struggling to continue their operations due to the lockdown and uncertainty amid the COVID-19 outbreak. On the other hand, augmented teams work remotely without any geographical restrictions and are not affected by lockdowns. Hence, staff augmentation helps companies continue their operations without any interruption and effectively handle a similar crisis.


Staff augmentation is a flexible approach that allows entrepreneurs to get the desired number of resources with specific skills according to organizational requirements. Remote professionals can also adjust their work preferences that positively affect their performance and increases corporate growth.

Limitations of Staff Augmentation

  • Privacy


Giving access to third-party professionals can compromise your organizational privacy and expose your confidential information before others. Hence, you need to be extremely careful about data security while acquiring staff augmentation consultant services and take all possible steps to stop data breach incidents.

  • Long-term Sustainability


Experts believe the staff augmentation model does not offer long-term sustainability as it is beneficial for limited-duration projects. The overall performance and output of projects with extended duration are compromised if completed by hiring remote professionals.

  • Management Overhead


Managing full-time in-house teams is easier than supervising remote professionals working at distant locations. Several communication problems sometimes haunt the overall performance of remote teams and negatively affect organizational performance.

Future Prospects

Staff augmentation has now become a buzzword in global markets as a large number of organizations are now preferring this technique to augment their teams. The present worth of the global staff augmentation industry is more than $250 billion and is expected to get doubled by 2025.

Experts believe staff augmentation will quickly replace the traditional recruitment models. The trend of working remotely is now becoming more and more popular. Staff augmentation is likely to become a regular part of post-COVID-19 policies as the entrepreneurs will shift their working patterns across different geographical locations.

Nevertheless, more steps need to be taken to further improve the functional output and efficiency of staff augmentation. Technological transformations can help subcontractors minimize the limitations and resolve the employers’ concerns such as privacy, data security, and sometimes cost-efficiency.

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