Brief info

Co-founder & CEO of Khired Networks, Abdullah started his first business at the age of 20. The business has been a great success and currently employs over 50 members in two countries. In addition to lead Khired Networks, he has served as the Director of Administration at KA Services, a UK-based security company, for over 11 years.
Abdullah attended the University of Wales and graduated with his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2009. During his university years, he participated in the Debate Club where he earned various awards for his strong communication skills.
His outstanding leadership skills have played a crucial role in the growth of Khired Networks, and his in-depth knowledge of business continues to inspire and encourage his team.

Fun fact

Abdullah likes to travel with a keen interest in locations of historical influence. He has traveled to many countries around the world including England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Oman.