Digital Transformation of Workforce Management Operations at Low Cost 

Client’s Introduction

Workforce Management Inc. is a leading SaaS solutions provider in the UK. The company wanted to develop a fully-automated cloud-based solution to meet the workforce management needs of different industries. The unified system aimed to centralize staff management operations and eliminate the need to buy separate software for staff vetting, management, performance evaluation, and reporting. Besides, our client also wanted to leverage the power of digital transformation to reinvent workforce management practices and help organizations ensure lone workers’ safety while keeping their budgets under control.

Challenges Faced 

Increasing Workforce Management Costs


  Software purchase and

    maintenance costs 

  More resources are needed

    for staff monitoring 

  Infrastructural costs and liability

Declining Productivity & Service Quality


  Lack of remote monitoring 

  More time spent carrying out

    routine tasks

  Increasing complaints from

    customers about poor

    service quality 

Human Errors and Communication Issues


  Limited coverage of employee


  Errors in time & attendance and


  Safety risks to employees

    working in remote areas

Increasing Workforce Management Costs

  Software purchase and

    maintenance costs

  More resources needed 

    for staff monitoring

  Infrastructural costs 

    and liabilities

Declining Productivity & Service Quality

  Lack of remote


  More time spent carrying

    out routine tasks

  Increasing complaints 

    from customers about 

    poor service quality 

Human Errors and Communication Issues

  Limited coverage of 

    employee schedules

  Errors in time & 

    attendance and payroll

  Safety risks to employees

    working in remote areas

The Solution

Khired Networks leveraged its SaaS development expertise and brought together robust capabilities to develop a cloud-based workforce management software named Smart Workforce.


Better User Experience

For better staff management experience, our experts combined the well-known JavaScript library “React” with Redux for front-end development. Besides, we used Laravel to handle back-end operations and connected this framework with PostgreSQL database for smooth results. Finally, the application was deployed on Google Cloud for extended flexibility and control.


Unified Access to Exclusive Features

Smart Workforce transformed workforce management practices across different industries by providing managers with in-depth visibility into the onsite performances of their remote and in-house teams. The unique aspect of Smart Workforce was that it unified different features into a single all-inclusive workforce management suit. Instead of buying different solutions, companies can now access exclusive functions such as Patrolling Management, Automated Check Calls Management Scheduling & Reporting, Time & Attendance, and Timesheets in a single dashboard.

Particularly, private security companies in the UK can vet candidates online with the Automated BS7858 Staff Vetting feature which is specifically built for the UK security industry.  


3x Employee Productivity

Besides, Smart Workforce provides teams with the flexibility to access advanced schedules for upcoming weeks or months and manage shift requests themselves. The standardization of workforce management processes increases team productivity and significantly improves service quality. 

The Results

Smart Workforce centralized the management of remote and in-house workers thus enabling organizations to boost their operational efficiency and cement their long-term competitive edge. The time required to schedule shifts dropped from weeks to a few hours while payrolls were calculated in a matter of seconds. Digitization of workforce management practices also improved the productivity of teams and increased retention rates. The biggest advantage was observed in terms of operational costs that were reduced significantly in three months. Finally, Smart Workforce provided actionable insights to further improve the service quality and make informed decisions.

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