Recent Work

Team Augmentation, Product Development

All Sorter – AI-Engineered SaaS Products Company

Khired Networks is providing product development and team augmentation services to Irish-based organization All Sorter which sells AI-Engineered SaaS products to assist large companies in their HRM operations. We assist All Sorter in resume review, skill gap analysis, and candidate search for relevant jobs. Our sales professionals also help the company interact with target customers and generate revenues.

AI-Powered Product Development, Business Consultancy

GRaaSAn NLG-based GDPR Assessment & Reporting SaaS

GDPR Reporting SaaS Khired Networks is a proud partner in the design and development of GRaaS, an NLG-based interactive report generation Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps our clients comply with the GDPR articles by automatically generating the report for GDPR compliance. We also provide branding solutions and business consultancy services to promote this GDPR reporting SaaS.

Telemarketing & Lead Generation, Customer Chat Support

Trustap – A Digital Transaction Platform

 Trustap is a transaction platform that ensures transparency & protection while buying or selling with strangers. We help Trustap identify its target audience and increase corporate growth through targeted telemarketing & lead generation B2B and B2C campaigns. Additionally, we’re providing team augmentation services where team of Live Chat Support ensures 24/7 client support to resolve their queries online, build mutual trust, and improve customer service.

Web Development, Branding & Digital Marketing

Simple Rishta – High-End Matrimonial Services

Simple Rishta is a trusted matrimonial service that uses a state-of-the-art automated system to match the best couples based on user preferences and the information provided. Khired Networks has designed and developed the official website of Simple Rishta. Our developers are also responsible for the maintenance of this website to make it user-friendly and interactive. Besides, we also offer branding solutions and digital marketing services to Simple Rishta to build its brand image and grow its customer base.

Product Development, Telemarketing & Lead Generation

LiveCosts – Construction Cost Management Software

LiveCosts is a robust cost management software that allows construction firms to make accurate financial calculations and bring transparency to their finances. Builders and trade contractors use this cloud-based solution to calculate their costs in real-time and estimate their expenses related to building material, labor, and machinery. Final reports can be downloaded in CVS or PDF formats. Khired Networks uses advanced frontend and backend technologies including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and HTML to build user-friendly cost management software. The final product’s performance was validated by using functional and non-functional regression testing techniques as well as modern testing tools like RSpec. Lastly, targeted sales and marketing strategies were used to engage with potential customers and influence their buying decisions to generate leads.

Product Development, Branding, Digital Marketing, Sales & Promotion

Smart Workforce – Cloud-based Workforce Management Software

Smart Workforce is a fully-automated cloud-based workforce management needs with advanced features and enhanced functionality. The software enables businesses to streamline their staff management operations and increase their productivity while keeping their budgets in control. At Khired Networks, we leveraged our SaaS development expertise to build a user-friendly, intuitive, and scalable WFM solution that catered to the organizational needs of diverse sectors. Besides, our digital marketing and sales professionals extensively worked on software branding and helped Smart Workforce expand its consumer base across the globe. Today, leading businesses across Europe are using Smart Workforce to effectively manage their teams and meet their entire workforce management needs from a single dashboard.

Custom Software Development

Sabre MS Provider of Labor Management Tools 

Sabre MS is a UK-based IT solutions company that simplifies and automates the recruitment and timesheet tasks via a comprehensive suite of software tools. Khired Networks helps Sabre MS create, update, and deliver integrated products and brands experiences with advanced software development tools and techniques. Our professionals cooperate with Sabre’s IT experts to build performance-driven organizational tools to optimize productivity and transform temporary labor management recruitment and timesheet processes.

Product Development

Nevo – Online Portal for Electric Vehicles (EVs) 

Nevo is an online portal where customers can find the perfect electric vehicle to meet their needs and enter a new era of sustainable traveling. Khired Networks used its development expertise to build this platform that works like a search engine for electric vehicles enabling potential buyers to search for EVs with different models, brands, fuel types, bodies, price ranges, and battery ranges. 

Product Development

Purchasi – Online Social Platform for Product Reviews 

Purchasi is a user-friendly and technically advanced online social platform that allows its users to connect with others and share first-hand experiences about different products. Developed by the dedicated IT team of Khired Networks, the platform allows users to build their profiles, see what products their contacts are using, and read their feedback to make better buying decisions. 

Mobile Apps Development

FindIrish – Social App for the Irish Community 

FindIrish is a dedicated app for the Irish expat community where Irish expats can meet and chat with each other, join different community groups, create and share text, photo, and video content, and discuss anything they like. Khired Networks’ qualified developers and graphics designers created this amazing app to help users socialize with Irish community members and build strong relations. 

Product Development

Sweep – Online Vehicle Portal 

Sweep is an online vehicle portal where customers can explore over 30,000 quality used cars from trusted and reliable dealers across Ireland. Khired Networks developed this platform to make the car buying journey simpler, easier, and faster. The platform was created by using modern technologies and frameworks that deliver instant and accurate results. So far, hundreds of users have found their dream used cars with Swipe. 

Sales & Lead Generation

Square – Web Design and Development Agency 

Square is a web design and development agency that helps Irish companies and businesses increase their brand recognition through digital marketing and web development. Khired Networks has been working with Square to expand its outreach and target potential customers. We have provided them with a dedicated account manager who interacts with potential clients across Ireland and invites them toward demo booking. Partnering with Khired Networks enabled Square to convert leads into loyal customers and cement its long-term competitive edge over other agencies.  

Product Development

TradeBid – Online Marketplace for Vehicle Trading 

TradeBid is an Irish digital marketplace where users can sell and buy used vehicles of different types, brands, and models. At Khired Networks, we used our SaaS expertise to develop a robust and high-performing bidding engine. Our experts used programming languages like React Native, NodeJS, MySQL, and NextJ to develop a platform that streamlines the vehicle buying and selling process. With TradeBid, users can participate in open and real-time bidding, contact car dealerships & manufacturing & lease companies, and make secure payments across Ireland.

Product Development

StoreHero – Ecommerce Analytics Platform 

StoreHero is a robust e-commerce analytics platform that helps store owners identify marketing trends and grow their businesses. Besides, users can get real-time insights about their website visitors, sales, and repeat purchases. We at Khired Networks have worked on full-stack development for Store Hero. Our IT experts have used advanced technologies like React.js and Next.js to develop a versatile platform that analyzes the e-commerce store data and provides owners with actionable insights to improve the effectiveness of their ads, website, and content. 

UI/UX Design, Full-stack Development

TechStuff – Online Marketplace for Used Electronic Devices 

TechStuff is an Irish B2C online marketplace where companies can register themselves and sell used electronic devices directly to their customers. Khired Networks helped TechStuff expand its outreach helping them at various stages of SaaS implementation from UI/UX design to product development. Besides, we also built cross-platform mobile apps packed with powerful features that contributed to TechStuff’s corporate growth and development.