Looking For Staff Augmentation Services


Staff Outsourcing services can help you:

Hire qualified Professionals with Project-Specific Skills.

Fill Skill-Gaps in your workforces.

Augment your team without bearing liabilities of in-house permanent employees.

Establish a new startup with a limited budget.

Recruit staff for a short period.

Save your time and reduce Project Costs and
Enhance your competitiveness.


Doing Team Augmentation The Khired Way


Being a trusted team augmentation partner, Khired Networks uses an innovative in-class recruiting model in its IT staff augmentation services that offer professional acumen, efficiency, and flexibility. Our presence in two different continents ensures cultural harmony and provides qualified professionals from a wide talent pool both for the short and long term. We offer customized staff augmentation consulting that helps your company unleash its highest potential and remain competitive in today’s highly dynamic business environment. Empowered by the latest technologies and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, our client-oriented approach offers high-quality IT staff augmentation services and helps organizations accomplish their desired objectives and transform their corporate growth.

We provide Staff Augmentation Services in the following fields:

How Managed Services Outsourcing can uplift your business.

Our Staff Augmentation Consulting can help companies:

Achieve higher productivity levels

Gain access to a wide talent pool of highly skilled and

qualified professionals

Reduce costs related to human resources management

Integrate teams through IT Staff Augmentation

Improve the overall efficiency of the project

Achieve higher customer satisfaction levels

Get better control over project management Adhere to

tight project deadlines

Adhere to tight project deadlines

How Staff Augmentation Services Work


Identification of Project Requirements

Client provides us with:
Desired skills
Job Requirements
Number of employees


Selection of Resources

We hunt & shortlist the most relevant candidates from a wide talent pool of highly skilled professionals, interview them, and hire the most suitable ones to work remotely on our office premises in Lahore, Pakistan


 Training of Resource

We train the selected staff according to their role. In addition to basic training, remote teams are also given product-specific training through product-based training manuals provided by the clients highlighting complete information about their products and services


Staff Integration
Newly recruited remote staff are integrated with the client’s in-house teams to help them understand the work preferences, integrate with organizational culture, and contribute to organizational growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a process of hiring remote workforces for a specific duration to fulfill particular business needs. Team augmentation gives employers the freedom to manage round-the-clock operations and fill the skill gap at economical rates by subcontracting qualified professionals and integrating them with fulltime teams.

Q. Which major fields do your staff augmentation services cover?

Being an experienced team augmentation firm, we provide remote resources and staff augmentation consulting for various fields including but not limited to IT, education, business administration, finance, engineering, and management. We customize our staff augmentation services according to your organizational requirements for better results.

Q. What services do you provide in IT managed support services?

Our qualified IT support engineers work remotely to maintain your computer systems and networks, install software, manage licenses, configure hardware, test new technologies, set up accounts for new employees, resolve technical issues by troubleshooting.

Q. How can I monitor the performance of remote resources?

You can review the attendance of remote employees through biometric data, interact with them through integrated webcams, and ask for daily performance reports through standup meetings conducted by conference call.

Q. What procedure do I need to follow to recruit the remote teams?

You can hire remote workforces with your desired skills by following a simple process:

You provide us with technical leadership & job description(s)

We review CVs, interview the most suitable candidates, and shortlist the best ones

You interview the shortlisted candidates and hire the ones matching your desired skills

Selected professionals work in our promises and integrate with your full-time employees

Q. What are your pricing plans?

The exact cost of IT projects cannot be estimated due to undefined duration and open-ended scope. Hence, we charge on an hourly basis for our team augmentation services without any additional expenses. These rates are inclusive of weekly and annual holidays, sick leaves, provident funds, operational charges, and employee health insurance expenditures.

Q. What is your location?

We are a multi-location company with our head office located in London, UK and our branch office located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our presence on two different continents allows you to fill your skill gap by selecting professionals from a wide talent pool and ensures round-the-clock operations without any interruption.

Q. What benefits can I gain from Staff Augmentation?

Some of the exclusive benefits of team augmentation services are given below: 

High productivity

Fills the skills gap

Good control over excessive capital and operational costs

Extended flexibility and scalability

Minimum risks

Lowers capital and operational costs

Higher customer satisfaction levels

Adherence to tight project deadlines

Round the clock operations

Better integration leading to corporate growth

Q. Can I hire resources permanently?

Yes, we can provide you with both onshore and offshore human resources depending on your requirements.

Q. Which areas for you cover in IT staff augmentation services?

Being one of the leading IT staff augmentation companies, Khired Networks fulfills your IT staff augmentation needs by providing you with qualified and experienced IT professionals such as Software Engineers, SQA Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Web Developers, and IT Support Engineers

Q. How do you ensure transparency and merit in the selection process?

Unlike other staff augmentation companies, we have experienced HR managers specialized in hiring the most suitable resources for various fields. From CV review to the final selection, the candidates are scrutinized for different personal and corporate skills. Besides, you are also involved in the recruitment process to ensure that the augmented teams possess your desired skills.

Q. Why augment remote resources when we have permanent workforces?

Remote resources can fill the skill gap because employers can recruit qualified professionals with desired skills for a specific project. Team Augmentation allows companies to operate round the clock due to different time zones and often provide cost-efficiency.

Q. Why do I prefer Khired Networks to other staff augmentation companies?

Unlike other staff outsourcing companies, Khired Networks is your trusted staff augmentation partner having the following exclusive features:

  • Multi-presence in UK and Pakistan fills the skill-gap by providing qualified professionals, ensures round-the-clock operations, and offers cost-efficiency
  • The client-oriented approach focused on customer satisfaction
  • Successful track record of augmenting remote reams with endorsements from worldwide clients
  • Regular interaction with clients for effective control over remote teams
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with the latest technologies
  • Highly transparent selection and training process
  • Both short-term and long-term engagement
  • Effective combination of innovation, quality, diligence, and teamwork
  • Utilization of modern techniques to deliver excellence
Q. What are your payment terms?

The customers are obliged to pay both contract and out-of-contract invoices within 14 days from the date the invoice was issued. For your convenience, we tie our projects to different milestones such as a deposit upfront, a final payment, and an interim payment if the project is large enough.

Q. What kind of support do you provide?

We have experienced project managers to provide you with 24/7 customer support and monitor the remote team's performance for better results.

Q. Do you sign any staff augmentation agreement?

Yes, after you have decided to acquire our team augmentation services, we sign a staff augmentation agreement with your company defining the project scope, duration, payment, and terms & conditions.


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