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Who We Are

Khired Networks is an end-to-end solutions provider with unmatched expertise to meet your professional requirements. Our experts strive hard to provide efficient, innovative, and dynamic solutions that cater to a wide range of sectors. With our diverse portfolio and successful track record, we have the expertise to provide you products and services tailored to your specific needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we guarantee that our state-of-the-art services and products will surpass your expectations.

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs by providing efficient, economical, and dynamic solutions that assist companies in achieving excellence and propelling their latitude to new levels of success.

Our Vision

We aspire to become one of the world’s most creative & smartest business solutions provider and a geographically diverse organization delivering the best customer experiences.

Our Values

Our values drive the framework of our relationship with our customers, partners, and colleagues, and motivate our leadership to make the right decisions that mutually benefit our clients and company’s mission.



We at Khired Networks are committed to consistently improving our products and services and enhancing customer experiences through unparalleled support, teamwork, and dedication.Our experts strive hard to provide our clients with vibrant, ingenious, and state-of-the-art business solutions that could help them achieve excellence and compete with their rivals.


Our highly qualified professionals work extremely hard to achieve customer satisfaction and endeavor even harder to maintain this trust. We strictly meet the given deadlines without compromising work quality and ensure transparency at every stage of project execution. We are proud to be a reliable and faithful partner of several renowned organizations.


With time, Khired Networks has diversified its functional framework and modernized operational techniques according to the changing demands of the market.Having a flexible mindset, our experts are open to new ideas and capable of adjusting themselves according to customer expectations, potential challenges, and globalization.


We achieve our desired objectives of cost-effectiveness, higher productivity, and improved performance by maintaining dynamic policies and supporting a skilled workforce.Our experts ensure compliance to customer demands by employing the latest technologies and utilizing modern practices for time management.


Khired networks is committed to providing sustainable business solutions to our clients through cutting-edge technologies and the latest techniques.We take extreme care of social, financial,and environmental effects of our activities and ensure all our actions contribute to the benefit of
whole community.


At Khired Networks, we pride ourselves to uphold high standards of excellence in our products and services through endless commitment to continuous improvement and the use of state-of the-art technologies. Our technical experts possess strong work ethics driven by our diverse and multicultural work environment that ensures fairness, skills development and equal opportunities to all professionals.

Our Story

The brainchild behind the foundation of Khired Networks is Mr. Abdullah Khawaja who is also the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Abdullah Khawaja moved to London from Pakistan in 2004 to pursue higher education and completed his MBA from University of Wales. In 2008, he co-founded KA Services (UK) LTD which recruits and provides skilled and semi-skilled professionals to different organizations. The company has grown to over a hundred staff and has been serving various prestigious clients like Transport for London, Kier Highways, and Servoca PLC for the last ten years.

Mr. Abdullah then founded Khired Networks about two years ago around the idea of provisioning technical resources and services to startups and established multinational organizations. Being the passionate entrepreneur, Abdullah relocated to Pakistan in 2018, to achieve enhanced efficiency and better results. The company is primarily based at Lahore, Pakistan and has legal presence in London.

The company name “Khired” is taken from Urdu, which means intellect, understanding, and astuteness. As the name suggests, Khired Networks believes in the wisdom and professional acumen of its professionals and strives hard to provide the best quality products and services to its clients. Under the resilient and irrepressible leadership of Mr. Abdullah, the company achieved unprecedented growth and fulfilled the expectations of several clients around the globe. Just in two years, the company evolved from a small corporation to a geographically diverse multicultural organization. Today, the company has since grown to a staff of 30 & is still growing.

Khired Networks is specialized in providing technical sources and business solutions such as Team Augmentation, Big Data Management & Analysis, Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, Web Development & Maintenance, Application Infrastructure SaaS, Consulting, and Branding Solution. Some of our core expertise is Micro services architectures, AWS cloud environments, Datacenter operating system, containers, CI/CD, Spark, Java, Angular, and similar technologies.

Khired Networks is affiliated with Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (PASHA) and Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), and is planning to expand its affiliations internationally.

The major clients of Khired Networks are in the UK and Pakistan. One of our clients is an Irish based organization Allsorter that has SaaS products targeted towards HR functions of large corporations and recruitment business. We also are working with Devseis Consultancy, a Luxembourgish company building cloud-based GDPR reporting tools, 6th Sense Group, a renowned Pakistani real estate developer & marketer, and Logo Shoes, which is among the largest shoe manufacturers & retailers in Pakistan.

In terms of projects, our resources are contributing in the CV Parsing, Search & Match, and Skills Gap Analysis functions of Allsorter. We are developing a product called Lega for Devseis, that is a Natural Language Generation based GDPR reporting tool in the cloud. We are working on a CRM system for Sixth Sense and have taken over the ERP development of our client Logo shoes.

Khired Networks splits its service offerings in three areas depending on partnership needs.

Model A focuses on more established in-production organizations that would have the business analysis and product road-map already set, they would be able to provide technical leadership as well as development processes and infrastructure and we partner with them to offer technical resources. The companies give us the requirements or job specifications, we find the resources, interview them and hire them as suggested by the clients and house them in our premises in Pakistan taking care of all admin and HR needs while the hired resources work in clients’ teams under their leadership.

Model B is specifically designed for the startups that are in earlier phases of their development lifecycle, so they provide us business analysis while we carry out the road mapping exercise with them, suggest SCRUM or KANBAN, and provide consultation in architecture as well as DevOps settings.

Model C is a project-based arrangement where partners provide us with the requirements & specification and we deliver the completed project to them as an end product or service.

Being a reliable partner, Khired Networks possesses diversified resources and senior technology consultants having more than 15 years of professional experience working with various clients around the globe. Our team does not compromise on work quality and use its all efforts to deliver the most dynamic and the smartest business solutions to our clients. We use the latest technologies and modern techniques to provide the best quality products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Our presence in two different countries allows the organizations to find employees having the right skills and expertise from a wide talent pool of highly qualified professionals in Pakistan, who can work remotely and provide their services to clients based in the UK at comparatively cheaper rates. We offer an inclusive and attractive organizational culture where all employees are equally treated with respect and exposed to different types of training that ensure future growth opportunities.

Explore our website to know more about our services and success stories.

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