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A full-cycle MVP development company with the right expertise to transform your ideas into reality. Our lean approach analyzes your product idea, gathers user feedback, and delivers Scalable, Innovative, and Customized MVPs tailored to end users’ needs.

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A Successful Product Journey Starts with a Great Minimal Viable Product

An MVP, or Minimal Viable Product, is a 1.0 version of a product with essential features that can be used to collect user feedback. MVP development is a strategic approach to validate the market potential of a product and analyze user experience


Reduce Development Costs

Minimize upfront costs by developing only the core features and collecting users’ feedback. MVP development process enables you to optimize your budget, invest resources wisely, and build innovative products.


Validate Your Idea

Test whether your product idea has the potential to address users’ pain points. Validating market demand before building a full-fledged product can increase your chances of success and help you satisfy your target customers.


Launch Products Faster

MVP development approach has an iterative nature. Building great MVP software can help you establish a strong presence in the market and gain user traction by testing features that can make your product unique from your competitors.


Customer-centric Products

Engage with your target audience in the early stages of product development. Build a unique MVP to understand your customers’ preferences and deliver a user-centric product that meets their expectations.

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mvp development process

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mvp development process

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mvp development process

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Khired Networks – A Reliable MVP Development Company

From startups and SMEs to established businesses, Khired Networks is always the preferred choice for MVP development services because we always deliver value with integrity and professionalism. 

Agile and LeanMethodologies

We leverage agile and lean methodologies through the development process. It helps us prioritize core features, make adjustments based on user feedback, and deliver quality products that drive client satisfaction and business growth. 

Business-friendly Mindset

We strive to meet business needs and build long-term partnerships. With a deep understanding of today’s business landscape, we develop features to accommodate specific challenges and come up with creative MVP solutions. 

Adaptable to the Changing Needs

The world of technology keeps evolving. Recent developments in AI and machine learning have made future advancements clear. Our team is fully prepared to adapt to these changes and deliver excellence.

Happy Clients

Our focus is on nurturing relations through honest communication and professionalism. As a result, most customers have worked with us for years, and we are proud to have achieved the highest client satisfaction rate. 

Dedicated Support

The secret to our long-term partnership lies in the dedicated support offered by our highly qualified and experienced experts, who provide personalized attention to deliver the intended solutions that align with your corporate goals. 

Flexible Pricing

We encourage entrepreneurs to validate their innovative ideas with us. Hence, we keep our pricing plans transparent and flexible and utilize partnerships and open-source contributions that help us significantly reduce development costs. 

Our MVP Development Projects

Smart Workforce Automates WFM Operations of the UK Security Industry

Workforce Management Inc. is a UK-based digital transformation company working towards the digitization of the UK security industry. They needed a fully-automated cloud-based WFM software named Smart Workforce that could unify exclusive features and meet specific workforce management needs of UK-based security agencies. From ideation and planning to product launch and promotion, we have extensively worked on this WFM software and helped our client achieve its corporate goals with success.

Khired Networks developed a digital social platform called Purchasi.

Khired Networks developed a digital social platform called Purchasi that solved the challenge of product research and elevates customers’ buying experiences. This high-tech social platform allows users to build their online profiles, share their first-hand experiences about brands they have used, and get organic feedback from different users. This way, they can make better purchase decisions and choose reliable brands after comprehensive research.

Nevo Makes a Seamless Transition Towards Electric Vehicles

Nevo is promoting sustainable means of traveling by changing consumers’ mindsets in Ireland. Khired Networks built an online portal for Nevo that allows car lovers to explore a wide range of electric vehicles with different models, brands, fuel types, bodies, price ranges, and battery ranges. Besides, visitors can compare two different EVs, schedule a test drive, or contact car dealers. This way, Nevo enables its customers to enter a new era of sustainable traveling by finding the right EV that meets their requirements.

All Sorter Enhances Consumer Experiences with Agile Development

All Sorter, an award-winning tech company and member of the European AI Alliance and EU Digital Skills, wanted to develop an AI-powered SaaS product to simplify the candidates’ evaluation and selection process. Khired Networks helped All Sorter develop an innovative system that streamlines the internal process of CV formatting and helps recruiters find the top talent with ease. Our sales professionals also helped the company expand its consumer base and increase product outreach across the world.

Trustap Cements its Competitive Edge by Improving its Customer Service

Founded in Ireland in 2017, Trustap is a secure Escrow-style payment app that secures digital transactions and ensures transparency. The company wanted to achieve higher customer satisfaction levels by providing impeccable services to its clients. Khired Networks enabled Trustap to win the loyalty of its customers by providing 24/7 customer services without any interruption. Since Trustap started working with Khired Networks, it has cemented its competitive edge over its rivals and satisfied its broad consumer base.

LiveCosts Streamlines Construction Operations with Fully-automated Cost Management Software

Khired Networks helped LiveCosts build a fully-automated cost management software to bring accuracy to financial calculations for the construction industry. Builders and contractors can use this cloud-based solution to connect their construction sites and offices and calculate their costs in real-time. Besides, the system also enables project managers and site supervisors to estimate their expenses and download the final reports in CVS or PDF formats. This way, LiveCosts helped construction firms improve the speed and efficiency of construction projects.

Simple Rishta Transforms Matrimonial Services with Online Matchmaking Platform

Simple Rishta is a renowned matchmaking website offering matrimonial services across the globe. The company wanted to make matrimonial services more reliable while maintaining confidentiality. To achieve this goal, Khired Networks developed a high-tech online matchmaking platform that made matchmaking simpler and easier. The newly-developed system restricts users’ access to candidates’ profiles and verifies their information including documents through independent means. This way, it ensured data privacy and reliability and allowed users to find suitable marriage proposals online while maintaining confidentiality.  

TradeBid: The Best Online Marketplace to Trade Vehicles

Khired Networks developed TradeBid, a revolutionary digital product that is disrupting the online market places for trading vehicles in Ireland. It gives users full credibility of their trading while ensuring smooth service delivery.

Helping European Businesses Assess GDPR Readiness with NLG-based AI-powered SaaS

GraaS is an NLG-based AI-powered GDPR assessment and reporting tool. It helps European companies assess their GDPR readiness and achieve a certain level of compliance with GDPR. Khired Networks developed this fully automated “Do-It-Yourself” platform in collaboration with Devseis which is a renowned technology company based in Ireland. Unlike traditional GDPR tools, GRaaS is an all-inclusive solution that replaces manual or semi-automated data mapping and reporting. Besides, it follows GDPR and ISO-27001 standards and enables data sharing for better team collaboration.

Improved Quality of Healthcare Operations at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital with PACS

Khired Networks collaborated with Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) to develop and implement a robust picture archiving and communication system (PACS). This powerful, scalable, and integrated system streamlined the process of digitizing, archiving, and transmission of medical images. Besides, the technology allowed healthcare professionals to digitally share and analyze medical images for better decision-making, improved patient outcomes, and streamlined workflows.

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