Making Product Buying Better and Smarter with First-hand User Experiences

Client’s Introduction:

Our client wanted to transform the way people buy new products and conduct online product research. Since most rating platforms contain fake or imitative customer reviews, a digital social platform was needed to allow users across different regions to connect with each other and share their first-hand experiences with different products. The intended platform would bring transparency to consumers’ feedback about brands they have used and would help new buyers make better choices. This way, users can enhance their online shopping experiences and make data-driven buying decisions.

Challenges Faced 

Fake Product Reviews


  Most rating platforms

    publish fake product


  Making buying decisions is

    difficult based on imitative

    customer reviews

Marketing Stunts


  Advertisers use

    different marketing

    stunts to attract

    potential buyers

  Customers with no

    product knowledge get

    caught by unreliable brands

Ecommerce Fraud


  E-commerce fraud is

    on the rise globally

  A reliable digital platform

    is needed where users

   can share their first-hand

   experiences with differen


The Solution

To address these challenges, Khired Networks developed a digital social platform called Purchasi. It allows users to build their online profiles, share their first-hand experiences about brands they have used, and get organic feedback from different users.

The newly developed product has the following features:


A Huge Product Database

Purchasi has a huge database where users can explore a wide range of products across different categories

Global Outreach

Purchasi is a worldwide social platform that provides its users with access to millions of users across the globe and allows them to share their experiences with each other.


Purchasi has an easy learning curve, thanks to its fully interactive user interface that makes this platform easy to learn, even for beginners.

Secure & Reliable

Users’ data is stored in a highly secure database that ensures data privacy and prevents all kinds of the data breach.

Open for All

Purchasi is not confined to any specific region or sector. It is open to users from all age groups, professions, genders, backgrounds, and interests.

The Results

Purchasi solved the challenge of product research by providing its users with the ability to know original feedback about different brands. This high-tech social platform built socially connected and collaborative global communities where users with different interests could engage and share their first-hand experiences with products.

At Purchasi, users can read the positive and negative features of renowned brands, tell others why they liked or disliked a specific product, and recommend different products to their followers. This way, Purchasi enabled potential buyers to make better purchase decisions and choose reliable brands after comprehensive research.

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