Trade with Confidence

Client’s Introduction

TradeBid is Ireland’s most advanced digital trade marketplace. It gives buyers and sellers more choice, transparency and a trusted marketplace to trade vehicles. Khired Networks is proud to be associated with this Bidding Engine to enhance their performance and grow their business. Our SaaS expertise involved working on back-end software development on languages like React Native, NodeJS, MySQL and NextJS to develop the Seller/Dealer App. The intent involves giving users an end-to-end platform that streamlines and simplifies the buying and selling of pre-owned vehicles in an open and transparent digital marketplace. And to also access a large network of Irish dealer groups and franchised dealers with a vast selection of inventory 24/7 at the convenience of a Mobile App.

Challenges Faced



  AI technology used to

    facilitate bidding

  History checking of cars

    to avoid fraud

Live real-time open bidding 

   option which was previously 

   not available in Ireland    



  Getting a relevant payment

    gateway was the necessary

    step and a major challenge

  TradeBid partnered with

    NextGear Capital to provide

    one touch purchases

  Also integrated with Sweep for

    seamless instant payments.



  Delivery of Automobiles

    are one of the most integral

    part of the process

  To address this challenge,

    TradeBid partnered with

    Ireland’s leading transport

    company NVD.

Business Growth

   Impeccable customer

     service is essential to

     business growth

   Over 96% become loyal

      to brands that offer

      superb customer


Cost Efficiency

   Acquiring new

     customers is 5 times

     more expensive than

     retaining existing clients

   Existing customers are

     60-70% more likely to try

     new products/services

     than new ones

High Competition

   The global digital

      payments market

      has become highly


   Companies need to

      keep their clients happy

      to cement their

      competitive edge

The Solution 

TradeBid with their unique business model executed the product with efficiency and great attention to detail with a dedicated team. The challenges of Bidding, Buying & Delivery were met with solutions as mentioned below:


Open & Real Time Bidding: Streamline and simplify buying and selling of pre-owned vehicles in Ireland in an open and transparent digital marketplace.


More Choice to End Consumer: More choice with a large network of Irish dealer groups, franchised & independent dealers, manufacturers & lease companies on the TradeBid platform


Transparency: Full transparency on each vehicle from upload to sale. Every vehicle history check and inspected using PAVE, a first of its kind AI powered software that captures any damage to the vehicle when the images are uploaded through the TradeBid app


TradeBid has partnered with leading global technology companies both in the automotive and payment industries to create the most advanced trade platform in Ireland. NextGear Capital, Stripe, PAVE, NVD, Experian.

The Results

Since there is no technology driven dealer-to-dealer marketplace that exists for automotive dealerships to sell buy and sell trade vehicles in Ireland, TradeBid is a revolutionary digital product that is disrupting the online market places for Trading. Users are given full credibility of their trading and our partners ensure a smooth service delivery.