Telemarketing is one of the fastest response-generating marketing strategies adopted by most organizations. It can help your company deliver good customer service and boost your revenue generation.  

However, effective telemarketing requires a lot of learning and expenditure as such learning is only possible through trial and error. The alternate approach to this is hiring someone who specializes in conducting these kinds of operations which require experience and expertise.  

Besides, taking help from telemarketing or telesales outsourcing companies is the easiest way to handle complex issues while providing real value. Moreover, deploying an experience and professional outsourced team can help startups cost-effectively expand their business. 

Why Outsource Telemarketing? 

Smart startups keep looking for ways to eliminate costs through smart budgeting. Prudent budgeting allows startups to invest in the aspects that need more attention and focus. For instance, acquiring technology or employee appreciation can lead to better results.  

Similarly, outsourcing call centers allows businesses to utilize their time and resources in the aspects of business that require re-focus. To do so, businesses recruit an external agency to staff and manage their telesales or marketing from a different location. It then becomes the responsibility of an outsourced agency to hire and train its employees. The outsourcing partner also enables staff to effectively handle communications with the clients of the hiring company. 

There are many benefits to telemarketing outsourcing that side with the idea of outsourcing these services. Below are a few benefits that businesses must consider while making their choice of in-house versus outsourced services.

1. Low Costs

One of the most plausible reasons for outsourcing is that it considerably cuts down costs. The cost of having in certain foreign nations, such as Pakistan, which is a common choice for outsourcing, is much lower. 

On the other hand, telemarketing specialists from US-based or European countries cost higher.

2. Saves Time

Establishing an in-house telemarketing department is a time-consuming process. It involves interviews, training, and orientation which usually takes longer than the expected time. All this process ensures that the outsourced team has all the necessary skills to handle interpersonal communications. Besides, sound knowledge of the company and its products and a knack for solving problems are also essential.  

However, an outsourced call center takes all this weight off your shoulders enabling you to focus your time on other important tasks.

3. International Expansion

Most startups consider the idea of international expansion to stretch their reach to an expanded business market. In such cases, it is helpful if those call centers are placed across borders in countries where you’d eventually want to expand your business.  

If not so, it is important to at least have employees who can speak the same language as spoken in the countries of your business interest.

4. Flexibility

Outsourced agencies have staff working for you as and when you need them, unlike full-time employees. For a startup company with shifting needs, an outsourced telesales department can swiftly meet those needs without having to pay overtime.  

Employees from outsourced telesales companies will instead be paid for the number of hours they spend working on the phone.

5. Round the Clock Customer Service

Round-the-clock customer service is the normal expectation from customers. However, the cost of giving 24/7 services is high as it involves paying upcharges to local employees for working overnight shifts.  

Nevertheless, by having a workforce from a different time zone, a business can be available to customers 24 hours a day to give coverage to their needs. As the international employees will be working during the daytime, the time zone difference will save you the extra cost of night shifts.

6. Transparency and Feedback

Having in-house telemarketing makes you organized on a straight reporting line. You can provide statistics on the number of calls made per employee and the number of leads sought.  

On the other hand, outsourced telemarketing services provide transparent reports with useful data. It includes data on potential opportunities and other metrics that are critical to your business. Besides, telemarketers spend ample time profiling clients and filtering data. This also allows them to know their potential customers well before they call them and sift the genuine opportunities.

7. Return on Investment

The main function of telemarketing function is to generate a return on the resources invested in establishing a business. Telemarketers find new revenue streams by nurturing relations with potential clients and establishing new business contacts. Moreover, careful calculation of your return on investment is necessary to know if the project is profitable.  

Hence, an outsourced telemarketing department can make it easy to determine if the return is worth your investment in the project. You can also estimate how much more sales would generate enough return on investment to reach your revenue goals. 

Final Words 

All these benefits need to be taken into account and factored into a project to ensure you can achieve your desired outcome. An outsourced telemarketing campaign can give you the much-needed push for achieving your sales goal.  

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