As the corporate world was hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs started realizing the significance of remote working. There has been a global push to outsource services and acquire professionals remotely amid lockdown & uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

In recent years, Pakistan has emerged as one of the growing hubs of the global outsourcing sector. Empowered by talented workforce and friendly governmental policies, Pakistani companies have been offering cost-efficient, world-class, and inclusive call center outsourcing services to global clients. This article explains a 5-step strategy to find a trusted outsourcing partner in Pakistan.

10 Salient Features of Pakistan’s Outsourcing Industry


Pakistan’s outsourcing industry attracts worldwide investors because Pakistan:


  1. Is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world
  2. Has 65% population aged below 30 years
    Possesses US & UK-qualified IT & Business professionals
  3. Offers 100% ownership of equity and 100% repatriation of earnings
  4. Is the 4th best country for freelancing
  5. Possesses a well-settled network of fiber optics
  6. Has more than 80,000 IT institutions
  7. Has better IP laws than its neighbors
  8. Offers the fast-speed 3G and 4G internet
  9. Has reliable telecommunication, transport and energy networks. 

Why Outsourcing to Pakistan?

Whenever a company goes for outsourcing, one of the most important factors behind the decision is cost. Everyone knows that Pakistan provides reliable outsourcing services at economic rates.

Manpower in Pakistan is considerably cheaper than in many Western countries. So, it is a striking reason for companies looking to reduce overheads while maintaining high-quality services.

5 Key Factors to choose the Best Staff Augmentation Partner in Pakistan

Although Pakistan’s outsourcing industry is saturated with qualified professionals, not all staff augmentation companies possess the necessary facilities and infrastructure. Hence, work with the best service providers that offer simple, inclusive, and dynamic partnership arrangements. Consider the following 5 factors to select a trusted staff augmentation agency.

Understand your Staffing Needs

First of all, understand your staffing needs to identify your outsourcing requirements. For this purpose, define your project scope, identify required skills, and assess managerial and administrative bandwidth. Similarly, finalize the scale of staff augmentation, mention your desired skills and expertise, and formulize expected outcomes.

This practical understanding of staffing needs complements the main theme of innovation. Thus, providing organizations with the flexibility and talent required to fulfill the ever-evolving needs of companies.


Research potential HR outsourcing providers

In this step, use the power of search engines, industry directories, and the insights of trusted colleagues to compile a comprehensive list of prospective partners. This multifaceted approach consists of casting a wide net. Considering various sources to identify potential outsourcing candidates.

After compiling the information, investigate each prospective partner’s background. Look for HR outsourcing providers with a specialization in your industry. Even better, those who boast a track record of successfully collaborating with organizations of similar size and complexity.

Additionally, scrutinize client testimonials and case studies. Real-world experiences from organizations with similar outsourcing needs provide valuable insights into the provider’s capabilities, reliability, and overall performance.

This firsthand information goes beyond the provider’s claims and gives you a practical understanding of their ability to deliver results

Research the Experience, Expertise, & Service Offerings of your Partner

Analyzing the skills and expertise of your potential outsourcing partner is necessary to build positive relationship and ensure high growth. Therefore, you must review testimonials and project portfolio examine lead/lag cycle time for staffing, and check attrition rates.

Assessing the lead and lag cycle time for staffing provides a nuanced understanding of their efficiency in meeting project timelines.

Additionally, attrition rates gauge the stability and satisfaction levels of their workforce. A low attrition rate often signifies a conducive work environment and a commitment to employee well-being.

Moreover, analyze vendor’s knowledge in particular domain, examine third-party reviews & customer feedback, and evaluate the desired infrastructure, skills set, & facilities.

Evaluate Cost Savings and Financial Transparency

One of the compelling reasons for outsourcing IT professionals is the potential for substantial cost savings. Managing an in-house IT department requires considerable expenses.

When evaluating cost savings, consider the holistic financial impact. Outsourcing enables you to convert fixed costs associated with an in-house team into variable costs tied to project-specific needs.

Moreover, outsourcing partners often operate in regions with lower living costs, offering competitive rates without compromising on the quality of service.

Financial transparency is equally crucial in this assessment. Ensure that the outsourcing partner provides clear and detailed breakdowns of costs, offering transparency in the budget. So, you make informed decisions, understand the value proposition, and align financial goals with the outsourcing arrangement.

Assess technology capabilities

A forward-thinking and technologically proficient partner can significantly contribute to the efficiency of HR processes. Confirm that the outsourcing partner utilizes modern HR management systems and software. This includes tools for recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management, and other HR functions.

Similarly, ensuring seamless integration between the outsourcing partner’s technology stack and your internal systems is essential for a harmonious and efficient workflow. This compatibility enhances data transfer, reduces the risk of errors, and promotes a unified approach to HR management.

In particular, HR Business Solutions can stand out in this regard by offering customizable HRIS (Human Resource Information System) systems tailored to the specific needs of clients. These systems can be adapted based on the size and usability requirements of your organization, promoting a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Examine your Partner’s Communication Protocols

Effective communication plays a key role in maximizing the efficiency of outsourcing and bridging the skills gap. For this purpose, you must study communication mechanism and analyze the complexity of communication protocols.

Moreover, transparency is a crucial element in communication, and this extends to understanding the communication philosophy of your outsourcing partner. Verify the clarity and openness in their approach to disseminating information, ensuring that communication aligns with your organization’s values and expectations. Scrutinize the communication tools and technologies utilized, assessing their compatibility with your internal systems for streamlined information exchange. Besides, verify the transparency of communication philosophy, check communication tools & technologies, and explore internal & external communication practices.

Verify the Agency’s Commitment to Data Protection & Security

Data security is necessary for effective data management and smooth organizational operations. To verify your partner’s commitment to data protection & security, evaluate the confidentiality of work environment and analyze the vetting procedure. Similarly, explore the screening practices, check remote staff’s knowledge of intellectual property and data security and examine cyber security tools.

For this purpose, the vetting procedure employed by the outsourcing partner is equally critical. Understand the depth of their background checks and the rigor of their screening processes for employees. This step ensures that individuals with access to your data have undergone comprehensive assessments, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Exploring the screening practices further involves assessing the knowledge of remote staff regarding intellectual property and data security. Verify that employees are well-versed in the importance of protecting confidential information and understand the protocols in place to maintain data integrity.

24/7 Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Uninterrupted IT operations are essential for the seamless functioning of any organization, and outsourcing IT services to a partner with dedicated teams offering 24/7 support and maintenance proves invaluable.

The significance of constant availability cannot be overstated, as it ensures that any issues or emergencies are promptly addressed regardless of the time zone or business hours. This proactive approach to support minimizes downtime, a critical factor in maintaining optimal system performance.

Besides, the round-the-clock accessibility to IT experts not only addresses immediate concerns but also contributes to a proactive stance in identifying and resolving potential issues before they escalate.

This continuous support model enhances the user experience, instilling confidence in the reliability of IT systems and fostering a resilient and agile operational environment.

Language & Cultural Harmony

The integration of remote team with in-house professionals promotes teamwork and builds strong professional relationships. For this purpose, you must examine the harmony of multicultural workplace, hire professionals that fit in your company culture, and assess the firm’s ability to circumvent linguistic communication challenges.

Effective communication is the bedrock of successful collaboration, and overcoming language barriers is essential for a harmonious working relationship. The outsourcing partner should demonstrate proficiency in managing linguistic diversity, whether through language training programs or by ensuring that communication tools and practices facilitate clear and effective interactions.

Hence, this emphasis on language and cultural harmony ensures that the remote team integrates into the organizational culture, generating a collaborative and inclusive work environment.


Don’t Forget Your Legal Documents

Even though they need to be, legal concerns are often not the first things that startup founders think about. However, you must consider the legal concerns associated with outsourcing development from the outset.

So, make sure the outsourced team signs a nondisclosure agreement with a non-compete clause, and check that everything is covered by speaking with your legal counsel.

Several websites provide legal templates and fairly cost legal counsel, and many startup incubators provide limited legal advice for free.


Some outsourcing firms use their best employees up front to reassure clients, but once the project starts, they move to less skilled workers. Therefore, be sure to state all the terms and conditions in the paper to avoid any legal issues afterward.

The Take Away

Being one the world’s rapidly growing outsourcing industries, Pakistan’s BPO sector offers necessary facilities, innovation, and professional acumen to leading global brands. Pakistan’s outsourcing agencies are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, skilled workforces, and years of experience in handling complex outsourcing projects. Some of the well-renowned outsourcing companies in Lahore are Khired Networks, Premier BPO, Apex Outsourcing Solutions, Ascend BPO Services, Apoyo Tech, and Digitech Outsourcing solutions.