2020 has been a tough year for the global community. The COVID-19 outbreak severely affected the international economy causing a significant rise in unemployment, reduction in income, and disruption of different sectors due to the disease mitigation measures implemented worldwide. Even the established companies and tech giants had to struggle a lot to retain their skilled workers and resume their business activities due to an unprecedented lockdown.

However, despite all these challenges, the world moved with humility. The World Economic Forum recognized Pakistan’s economy as the most sustainable one during the pandemic. The restoration of global economic activities post-pandemic resulted in a sharp rise in the global demand for ICT & digitalization.

Khired Networks as a trusted and reliable business partner, not only continued its operations by working from home during the lockdown but also enabled our clients to achieve their desired corporate goals by offering performance-driven BPO solutions. We are proud of our hardworking and dedicated staff who effectively handled this public health crisis and contributed to our success during these tough times.

Here is a quick flashback of the achievements Khired Networks made in 2020.

New Year’s Resolutions

Reflecting on our business progress in 2019, we pledged to keep our New Year’s resolutions and achieve our goals for 2020. By working consistently and relentlessly, we committed ourselves to increase our success, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, and expand our scope. Besides, we focused on staff empowerment and invested in a plan for employee growth and development.

The Pandemic Challenge

The COVID-19 outbreak created a no-win situation for businesses across the globe regardless of their size, scope, or location. Besides facing economic hardships, IT companies found it challenging to ensure business continuity and retain their skilled workforces amid the lockdown and uncertainty.

To counter these challenges, Khired Networks established a framework for effective crisis management planning and decision-making. We devised a “Work-From-Home” policy and asked most of our employees to work remotely, while some of the most critical operations were resumed from office in accordance with workplace SOPs devised by the WHO. Besides, we had already been using advanced communication tools that enabled us to conduct virtual meetings and interact with each other remotely.

Once the lockdown was lifted, we resumed working from the office and ensured our employees followed the guidelines to prevent person-to-person transmission of the COVID-19. These steps allowed us to continue our business activities without any interruption and effectively mitigate the crisis.

New Projects

Following an efficient contingency planning to ensure business continuity amid the lockdown and safely reopen our office, we focused on the timely completion of our ongoing projects. Despite facing financial challenges post COVID-19, we built new partnerships with globally renowned companies and extended the scope of our service offerings to both new and existing customers. Click here to this page if you want to experience our newly ventured call center outsourcing services.


Some of our new customers are Noble Trade Ventures, Diamond Crossing (UK), JOMO Technologies (Private) Limited, Sabre, and Syndicate Alpha.

Workforce Retention & Expansion

Despite the economic slowdown and unprecedented lockdown, we not only retained our current workforce but also hired new employees to meet the growing needs of our broadening customer base and timely complete our ongoing projects. The newly recruited professionals are highly experienced in their respective fields and have now become an integral part of our team.

International Recognition

On August 31, 2020, the Washington-based B2B ratings and reviews platform Clutch recognized Khired Networks among the Top 100 B2B Providers in Asia and Pakistan for 2020. Clutch used its well-defined research to acknowledge Khired Networks for its commitment to excellence and its expertise in Staff Augmentation, ERP development, web and software development, telemarketing & lead generation, and digital marketing. Besides, the rankings also considered brand reputation, market presence, verified reviews from previous customers, case studies, and in-depth services.

We dedicate this achievement to our hard-working and passionate team who worked effortlessly and played a key role in accomplishing this honor. We are committed to further improving the quality of our services and becoming a trusted business partner.

Training & Development

Khired Networks not only puts its clients first but also invests in its team. In 2020, we offered various training & development programs to improve our team’s performance, increase staff retention and engagement, address internal weaknesses, and enhance employees’ skills and morale.

Skills enhancement initiatives help us improve the quality of our products and services, adhere to international quality standards, enhance our reputation and profile, and satisfy our customers.

Fresh Talent Acquisition

Khired Networks provided numerous opportunities to the fresh graduates via internship program 2020 that allowed the new talent to work as a part of our workforce and polish their skills. We offered rigorous training to fresh talent from different fields including Software Engineering, Web Development, Research & Development, and Digital Marketing.

The Takeaway

Although the COVID-19 pandemic had profound financial impacts on economic growth & development worldwide, it also accelerated the digital transformation and strengthened the long-term competitiveness of SMEs. According to the IMF, the pandemic contracted the global economy by 3%, which is the worst decline since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

During the lockdown, Khired Networks offered ICT-based solutions to worldwide businesses that facilitated remote working and helped them weather the ongoing storm induced by the pandemic. However, several challenges like the increased risk of cybercrime, poor connectivity, and privacy need to be addressed in the coming year to gain broad-based benefits of technology.