Do you know what is common between Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, and Amazon? All these are web apps. Millions of users browse these apps every day. 

Web apps are software applications that can be accessed via a web browser over the internet. These cloud-based solutions don’t need device installation. Hundreds and thousands of web apps are available on the internet. The global web apps market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 9.59% and reach $673.80 billion by 2027, according to Statista. 

When building a new web app, price consideration is paramount. Web app development cost estimation involves several factors, such as the scope, niche, target market, features, etc. 

If you have an innovative idea to build a web app but don’t know where to start, read this detailed guide to calculate the web app development cost for 2024. 

So, let’s get started! 

Fundamentals of Web Applications 

Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, etc. might seem like websites to most users. In reality, however, they are web apps. We can access them on any device at any time and location.  

By definition, web apps are referred to cloud-based applications accessible over the internet. Users can open these apps in web browsers and log in to their accounts to access their desired features. Unlike desktop applications that should be installed on a device, web apps can be accessed online through web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. 

How popular web apps are? Look at these numbers. 

The revenue generated by enterprise web applications increased from $172.1 in 2017 to $304.9 in 2022. Two out of five SMEs in the US rely on web apps today. Besides, SaaS web apps are currently ruling the US startup ecosystem.  

Web App Development Cost Estimation: 5 Factors to Consider 

Businesses should consider the below five factors to estimate the web app development cost accurately: 

Web App Category 

All web apps are not similar. Some are simple ones. Others have complex architecture and cutting-edge features. More complicated web apps require advanced technical expertise and take more time to complete. 

As a result, each web app category has a different cost structure. Here are a few broad categories of web apps and their cost estimation. 

  1. Single Page Web Apps

These apps have a single page where static information is displayed in one place. They offer basic functionality catered to the needs of a small audience. Hence, they are simple to develop. Coders with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can make these apps at a low cost. 

Examples: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive 

  1. Multi-page Web Apps

As the name suggests, multi-page web apps have several pages. Companies with different product or service pages prefer these types of apps to attract leads and convert them into loyal customers. The cost of developing a multi-page web app depends on the number of pages, structure, information, etc. 

Examples: eBay, Amazon, Ali Express 

  1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps have features of both web and native applications. They are developed using advanced web technologies and offer delightful user experiences. As a result, they require extensive resources and budgets for creation. 

Examples: Pinterest, Spotify, Starbucks 

UI/UX Design Elements 

The second most crucial factor in determining the web app development cost is UI/UX design. It involves everything that makes an application look visually appealing. Typical elements are the interface, layout, buttons, colors, themes, transitions, etc.  

Simple web apps have minimalistic design elements. However, feature-rich apps demand complex UI/UX to keep users engaged. The more you invest in the UI/UX design, the higher the development cost would be.  

Features and Functionalities 

Compare two web apps with HR functionalities. The first one is basic features like scheduling, time tracking, reporting, etc. It targets a small sector only. On the other hand, the second app has all basic functionalities along with automated options. It allows users to automate the shift scheduling and reporting process based on previous data. 

It is evident from the above example that the scope of work matters a lot for the correct estimation of web app development cost. Apps with more features are expensive and require high budgets for completion. 


If you are developing a standardized app for a wide audience, you would include options that meet the requirements of a large market segment. All your customers could access features based on their chosen subscription plan. 

Building such an app is not a big deal. It wouldn’t cost you much. 

Conversely, customized web apps have unique options to meet individual user requirements. They take more time on research, planning, development, testing, and monitoring. Besides, companies hire specialized resources to build these apps. Consequently, they need more budgets, and result in high costs. 

Developer’s Location 

Lastly, the location of the web app development agency also plays a crucial role. The average salary of an experienced web app developer in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia is higher in the world. It ranges between $80-300 per hour depending on skills and expertise. 

These rates are two to three times as compared to those in countries like Pakistan, India, Taiwan, and the Philippines. You can hire an experienced web app developer at $20-90 per hour.  

Besides, you can also choose from different engagement models like fully managed, project-based, or hourly. Hiring developers from these countries can significantly reduce your web app development cost and help you build high-performing apps on limited budgets. 

Final Words 

Web apps are becoming popular these days among the worldwide business community. Both established businesses and SMEs are leveraging cloud-based web apps to manage their operations while enjoying flexibility and scalability. 

Modern web apps are feature-rich, intuitive, and backed by powerful AI. They give users seamless access to cutting-edge options without any restriction of device, place, or time. Whenever you want to access your account, you can log in to any device and open your dashboard in a few clicks. 

Developing a web app is an expensive option though. Several factors determine the actual web app development cost. The most important ones include the type of web app, UI/UX design, features, customization, and developer’s location. 

If you are looking for qualified web developers at competitive rates, consider hiring developers from Pakistan, India, Taiwan, and the Philippines.