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Understanding Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Software quality Assurance (SQA) is a process of monitoring and assuring that all processes ranging from defining requirement to coding that relate to software engineering adhere to the defined standards. It is a procedure that ensures that the software development...

Understanding Project Management for Startup Businesses

Project management is the spine of all successful businesses. It is the mix of knowledge, tools, and techniques applied by businesses of all sizes to successfully operate and produce quality products and services. Every startup business needs to determine the...

Why Cloud and DevOps are the Best Combination

Cloud Computing has successfully provided businesses with unparalleled application performance with no downtime and multichannel experience. However, the need for cost savings, agility, and improved performance calls for DevOps to enhance the functionality of cloud...

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for HRM (Human Resource Management)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been influencing businesses and their ways of conducting operations for quite a long time. With the passage of time, AI technology has improved to the extent of outperforming humans and all the other technologies. Although humans are...

Agile Project Management for Startups

Many startups fail due to the lack of appropriate project management methodology. Inability to manage scaled operations in faced-paced businesses is a direct outcome of inadequate planning and administration, and poor management of work and operations. Agile Project...

Artificial Intelligence in Software Development Life Cycle

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is been the top trend in the technology industry, and there are no chances of it going down. It has positively impacted almost all business industries, particularly the modern ones, and the software industry is not an exception. AI is...

Why Start-ups Need DevOps

Technology start-up companies are generally in hurry to make their products available in the market due to the fast-paced technological changes. Start-up companies need profits as soon as possible to continue their operations and solve limited capital issues....

10 Project Management Tips for Startups

If you are running an early-stage startup, you sure will stumble upon a fair share of thrills and endless management tasks in and out of your busy schedule. As a budding entrepreneur, your daily responsibilities require you to deal with numerous tasks like managing...

5 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Programming is an art, craft, and science that revolve around languages, techniques, coding styles, software architectures, bugs, and a lot more. With so much to know and so much to do in so many ways, programmer keeps dwelling into the world of bits and bytes and...

Benefits of Using Cloud Technology

More and More businesses are adopting cloud technology in this digital age, as digital data has become particularly important for businesses. Most business owners rely on the Cloud for hosting data because of several benefits it offers for an organization. Businesses...

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