Application Development Lifecycle

Application Development Lifecycle


In this stage, we work to develop the perfect plan to ensure flawless execution throughout the lifecycle of the application. We calculate strengths and weaknesses, requirements, objectives, and timelines. Our thorough planning process is the ideal start to smooth application launch.


During analysis, we evaluate the performance of the application at different stages of the lifecycle. Associated resources and tasks are calculated, and all related activities are defined. The application’s infrastructure, process, competition, business-related data, and strategy are all reviewed and considered in this step.


An application’s design is crucial to its success in the market. In the design stage, our developers focus on UI design and consider platform design standards. In the app world today, UI design is highly stressed with ease-of-use and aesthetics being highly demanded by consumers. This step focuses on leaving an impression on the user while guaranteeing usability.

Development & Implementation

During development and implementation, the actual coding of the application begins. Once our experts create the code, implementation begins and a pilot study is conducted to check if the product is working as intended. This is typically the longest phase of the application development lifecycle.


In the testing stage, the application is tested against the requirements established in the planning stage. Any errors and/or bugs are caught, reported, and resolved. All functional tests are involved in this stage, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.


We offer consistent updates, modifications, and reviews to boost performance and correct any faults. We offer updates as market trends evolve, and aim to keep your application running flawlessly to guarantee a positive customer experience.