Being an aspect-oriented and popular language, python finds its application in several areas including machine learning and data science. Despite its rare usage in the web, python’s use is continuously growing in a startup environment.

Python developers create system modules, deal with backend components, and support frontend developers in web applications. Besides, they also ensure apps connection with third-party web services and create applications using different programming languages including python.

Python is the world’s 4th most popular programming language that makes python developers the most in-demand IT professionals. This article gives a detailed overview of python developer salary in the US and worldwide.

Python Developer Average Salary in the US

Some of the key factors that determine the average salary of python developers are their qualification and experience, skills, expertise, and location. Visit Khired Networks website for more info about factors affecting the average salary of IT professionals. Different online resources release credible data about the average salary of professionals from various fields. 

The average salary of python developers in the US based on the data released by ZipRecruiter and Indeed is $113,889 and $120,511 respectively.

Average Salary in the US by State

Given below is the average salary of python developers in different states of the US.

US StateAverage Salary (Annual)
New York$140,000
New Jersey$120,000

Average Salary in the US by City

Given below is the average salary of python developers in different cities of the US.

US StateAverage Salary (Annual)
Washington $136,076
New York$135,152
New Hyde Park$134,038
Los Angeles$120,412

Average Salary in the US by Experience

It is an established fact that highly experienced professionals are heavily paid. Experienced python developers are responsible for:

  • Developing apps according to the client’s requirements
  • Suggesting new and innovative technical designs
  • Creating python components and services
  • Integrating modern tools and technologies with existing applications
  • Developing micro-services for different apps.

Nevertheless, the roles and responsibilities of python developers are based on their level of experience. Given below are the average salaries of python developers in the US according to their experience.

LevelAverage Salary (Annual)
Junior Python developer$74,435
Middle Python developer$100,826
Senior Python developer$127,217

Some companies also give an additional compensation of $5000/year to their python developers.

Salaries’ Comparison with other Programmers

Python is the world’s 4th most popular and in-demand programming language. Experts have predicted incredible growth for python developers in future. Due to their novelty and usefulness, python developers are usually paid more than other programmers.

ProgrammerAverage Salary (Annual)
Python Developer$113,889
Ruby on Rails Developer$107,413
JavaScript Developers$107,544
Perl Developer$121,428
PHP Developer$85,578
C++ Developer$71,677
.NET Developer$93,110
Java Developer$73,994

The following chart makes a comparison between the average salary of a python developer and other programmers in the US based on the data provided by ZipRecruiter.

Average Salary Dynamics

The following data shows average salary dynamics of python developers in the US between various levels from 2017 to 2020.


Python Developer Average Salary in Europe

Python remains one of the widely used and most in-demand language in Europe as well due to its versatility, efficiency, and ease of coding. Based on the data collected from Glassdoor and PayScale, given below is the average salary of python developers in different countries of Europe.

European CountryAverage Salary (Annual)
The UK$55,190
The Netherlands$49,520

Average Salary in Europe by Experience

The UK

LevelAverage Salary (Annual)
Junior Python developer$39,072
Middle Python developer$78,144
Senior Python developer$117,217


LevelAverage Salary (Annual)
Junior Python developer$43,866
Middle Python developer$55,525
Senior Python developer$68,458


LevelAverage Salary (Annual)
Junior Python developer$74,500
Middle Python developer$100,500
Senior Python developer$109,000


LevelAverage Salary (Annual)
Junior Python developer$32,386
Middle Python developer$53,977
Senior Python developer$75,568


LevelAverage Salary (Annual)
Junior Python developer$30,625
Middle Python developer$44,079
Senior Python developer$61,214


LevelAverage Salary (Annual)
Junior Python developer$53,660
Middle Python developer$69,553
Senior Python developer$95,370

Salaries Comparison between the US and European Countries

Python Developer Salaries in Asia

The data collected from various credible sources gives the following statistics about the average salary of python developers in different Asian countries.

CountryAverage Salary (Annual)
Japan$ 44,639
Dubai$ 40,322

It is evident from the above data that the average salary of python developers is lower in Asia than in Europe and the US. Moreover, the data also shows that Pakistan is the most economical country in Asia and worldwide in terms of average salaries of python developers per year.

Outsource to Pakistan

Pakistan is the 6th most populous country having a young and energetic population. Being an emerging nation, Pakistan is a global hub of world-class IT institutions producing highly qualified and skilled IT professionals every year.

Besides, the government offers 100% equity to IT companies to attract foreign investors. Consequently, well-reputed firms around the globe are outsourcing their operations to Pakistan and accomplishing their desired objectives.


Python developers are the most wanted IT professionals across the globe due to wide applications of python language. The average salary of python developers depends on their skills, expertise, experience level, and location.

Hiring python developers from developed regions like the US and Europe could be costly due to high average salaries or per hour rates. Nevertheless, Pakistan offers highly skilled and experienced python developers with the most economical average salary in the world.

Moreover, you can find highly competent and trusted outsourcing companies in Pakistan like Khired Networks to fulfill your staff augmentation needs and acquire your desired skills.

Contact Khired Networks today to hire qualified python developers remotely and start outperforming your competitors without exceeding your budgets.

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