Data Management

Data Migration

Khired Networks’ data migration services modify your data to be compatible with new systems without jeopardizing its security or integrity. There are many reasons your company may need to transfer data: a change in database vendor, a database software upgrade, or a move to the cloud.During these changes, database migration is a necessary and efficient way to transfer your data without compromising its integrity. The underlying data being shifted can change during these modifications, potentially affecting the application layer. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your existing data is fully compatible with any new software.
Ensure data integrity:
Protect against data corruption and minimize redundancies
Minimize interference: Reduce interference with daily business operations
Save space: Reduce media and storage costs with more organized data

Database Design

Khired Networks works alongside you to design an efficient database with minimal maintenance, enhanced information security, and high-speed processing.Our databases are built to provide you with access to up-to-date, reliable information. Our experts use their unmatched skills to design a customized database to meet your needs, allowing you more time to focus on other areas of your business. This can allow you to solve storage problems and eliminate data redundancy.
Our database development process ensures a flawless execution, including steps like establishing requirements, analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. Database Administration allows you to experience easily scale products as your business grows with 24/7 customer support.

Data Analytics

Your company is bound to have data of some variation, but are you utilizing it to strengthen your business, improve market position, and maximize profits? Khired Networks offers data analytics to organize, represent, describe, evaluate, and interpret your data. Our professionals find and fix data quality issues that could potentially be affecting the integrity of your data and its analysis. We run processes like data profiling and cleansing to cross check data consistency and eliminate redundancies and errors. We conduct a complex and extensive study of your company’s data and ensure it is optimized for improving efficiency and solving problems.You can follow market trends and drive innovation based on them.

Big Data

Big data analytics is a complex process involving the examination of large and varied data sets (big data) to discover patterns, correlations, customer preferences and market trends. By providing you with access to this hidden information, Khired Networks can help your business make better informed decisions resulting in countless benefits including cost savings, more effective marketing, improved customer service, and competitive advantages.

Cut costs: Reduce expenses by maximizing storage and efficiency
Save time: In-memory analytics save time and allow quick decision making
Foster innovation: New product development based on growing needs of customers
Receive insight: In-depth understanding and insight of current market conditions
Control online presence: Sentiment analysis allows stronger control of online presence and reputation
Oversee reports: Real-time forecasting and monitoring of situations that affect business
Easy-to-use: Easily locate, extract, analyze, and merge data
Stay informed: Use collective data to ensure informed decision-making
Solve problems: Identify causes of business and industry problems in real time

Data Repositories

A data repository, also known as a data library or data archive, refers to an
isolated data set used for data reporting and analysis. It is a large database
infrastructure, or several databases, that gather, manage, and save data sets
for analysis, sharing and reporting.
Because the data is bundled together, data repositories allow for faster and
easier reporting and analysis. Problems are easier to track and manage due
to compartmentalization, and data is efficiently preserved and archived.
We know how valuable your data is, so Khired Networks always follows data
warehousing practices when creating and maintaining the repositories.