Staff that works from home experiences an altogether different atmosphere than that of the office one. Because of the flexibility they find by working at home, the idea is gaining popularity each passing day. At the same time, like any other thing, it also does carry its own challenges. The way leaders keep their home staff motivated is important because anyone who’s not seeing you daily can need efforts to keep them feeling more affiliated. In this regard, it is important for the office management to be extra vigilant and don’t forget to stay in touch with their home employees. 

This article will discuss the most important factors that are helpful to build a healthy bondage between the managers and their home employees. Factors that the team leaders can adopt to address the challenges that could hinder home employees’ motivation. Along with a set of guidelines that can be adopted to keep employees’ morale high and raise motivation.



Communication resolves issues and it becomes even more important while dealing with the home workers. Lack of communication can develop emotional issues and end up bothering the worker with stressful thoughts. For example, unnecessary worries like the unhappy boss can be irritating. Long silences can also lead to uncertainty regarding one’s performance and can be demotivating.

Communication can be developed through multiple ways. While virtual meetings are a good source of keeping the home workers active, there should be times where the employees could see each other too. In this regard, monthly meetings can be arranged outside the office, let’s say on a lunch, where all the employees can meet each other and discuss important matters if there are any left. This way, home workers can feel more associated.   

Meeting outside the office can be fun rather than always having one in the office. Also, getting a chance to talk to people is a good idea for home workers as it is seen that some of them keep themselves restricted to indoors without even realizing that it’s already two to three days since they left the house. A schedule of weekly or monthly meetings can help in keeping the employees more goal oriented when they know they have regular meetings to share their work performance and they also look forward to getting feedback. Moreover, homeworkers who stay indoors all the time, having meetings out of the office can not only be recreative but also rejuvenating. It is also healthy to breathe in fresh air. 

It is also obvious that meetings can be arranged or cancelled according to need, as a balanced approach is the best approach. 

Work quality must be priority:

Expectations should be explained very clearly before the assigning of any task. Setting clear goals also resolves uncertainty which is good for producing better results.

That said, leaders should be flexible and focus more on the effort and result rather than the employees meeting strict deadlines which can result at the cost of work quality. Also, expectations regarding any task should be through mutual consent. This helps employees take responsibility. Involving the employee into decisions wins trust which is highly motivating and makes the employees work to their full potential.

Flexibility in Time Management:

While employees who are working from home have the advantage of deciding their work time according to what suits them best. It is also important for them to develop a work routine that should be followed. Discipline is very important in achieving something and it is seen that dedicating any part of the day that suits them best can be ideal for work. 

While most home workers are seen to be working during the day and start in the morning, there can be some who can better work in the evening. If there are any, let them work what other time suits them and don’t pressurize them to work only in the office timing to make connection easy. Because the idea of working from home is all about setting your own routines with your own preferable timing. Offices interfering in this can be at the cost of work quality.

 Quick feedback and work recognition:

Quick feedback always results in raising motivation, proving as a feeling to work with vigour. Work should be well guided before it starts and can be corrected building positivity in the employee avoiding discouragement. Good work should always be recognized and appreciated. Although every employee needs appreciation, working from home employees can sometimes see negligence as they are not met or seen everyday. Leaders need to be more vigilant regarding their feedback to home workers.

Feedback forms are also a good idea of conveying to your working from home employees that the office cares. It’s also useful at the part of the office as this way the office can know how to keep their employees happy. Or solve issues, if there are any, that cannot be recognised by the office itself.


Providing of Equipment and Technology:

Working in the office does give the extra benefit of a comfortable working environment where everything necessary for work is available at hand. While arrangement of a comfortable corner in the house can be handled by the employee, it is upon the office management to provide for the latest equipment and technology required. This will not only help financially but also develop enthusiasm for work for the home employees and be more productive.

Providing the home workers with technology and equipment makes connection easy. It’s motivating for the employees while it’s easier for the employer to maintain regular check ins. 

On a lighter note:

Whenever there is a shift from routine work, it has proven healthy for humans. Remember the school or college days when there was a shift from routine work, not only it was welcomed but it also gave new energy to restart with work. 

Health is important and home workers are at times seen neglecting it. If the office makes efforts and starts sending some short workout videos saying nice things and encouraging health care at the sametime, it will not only send good vibes but also can prove healthy for the employee. Additionally, communication from the office that is not about work is also a way of lowering stress levels. 

Delivering lunch or snacks or even an appreciative card occasionally can strengthen the bond and makes the home employees be motivated.

If there is cooperative office management too, then it’s surely morale boosting which in the end is more productive. Sometimes it happens that employees’ motivational efforts are left aside after the initial efforts of getting them started when they are employed. It is also important that the office management needs to adopt consistency in keeping their home workers motivated.

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