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Team Augmentation, Product Development

All Sorter AI-Engineered SaaS Products Company
Khired Networks is providing product development and team augmentation services to Irish-based organization All Sorter which sells AI-Engineered SaaS products to assist large companies in their HRM operations. We assist All Sorter in resume review, skill gap analysis, and candidate search for relevant jobs. Our sales professionals also help the company interact with target customers and generate revenues.

Web Development & Maintenance, SEO

6th Sense Group – Real Estate Developer & Marketing Company
Khired Networks is responsible for the UI/UX design, development and maintenance of official website of Sixth Sense, a large real estate developer and marketing agency. We also provide Search Engine Optimization services to generate organic leads for the business and ensure all kind of technical business support to this organization. Besides, our developers are also working on a CRM system for Sixth Sense.

Web Development & Maintenance, Digital Marketing

Devseis Consultancy – Cloud-based GDPR Reporting Solutions
Devseis is a Luxembourgish company developing cloud-based GDPR reporting tools for a wide range of sectors. Official website of Devseis Consultancy has been designed and developed by Khired Networks. We also maintain the company’s webpage and cooperate with their teams in digital marketing campaigns. Khired Networks also partners with Devseis Consultancy in branding solution and business consultancy.

AI-Powered Product Development, Business Consultancy

GRaaS – A Natural Language Generation (NLG) based GDPR Reporting SaaS Khired Networks is a proud partner in the design and development of GRaaS, an NLG-based interactive report generation Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps our clients comply with the GDPR articles by automatically generating the report for GDPR compliance. We also provide branding solutions and business consultancy services to promote this GDPR reporting SaaS.

Web Development & Maintenance, Branding Solution

Shahid Siddiqui – A Well-Known Educationist, Author,& Columnist
Web developing team of Khired Networks has designed the official website of one of Pakistan’s well-known educationist and author Shahid Siddiqui. We also manage the website & update content for Mr. Siddiqui. Moreover, Khired Networks provides branding solution and digital marketing services to engage more audience.

Web Development & Maintenance, Team Augmentation

K.A Services – Premium Security Services Provider
Official website of KA Services has been developed and maintained by Khired Networks. We also provide team augmentation, business consultancy, and branding solution services to the company as well as assist their professionals in digital marketing teams.

Telesales & Lead Generation

Zeeko – Digital Education Provider – Zeeko is an Irish digital education provider creating awareness about safe usage of technology and the internet among children, parents, teachers, and various organizations like Webwise, Barnardos, TUSLA, ISPCC, and European Commission. Khired Networks is providing Telesales and Lead Generation services to Zeeko and helping them identify their target audience and generate sales through targeted lead generation campaigns.

Web Development, Branding & Digital Marketing

Simple Rishta – High-End Matrimonial Services Simple Rishta is a trusted matrimonial service that uses a state-of-the-art automated system to match the best couples based on user preferences and information provided. Khired Networks has designed and developed the official website of Simple Rishta. Our developers are also responsible for the maintenance of this website to make it user-friendly and interactive. Besides, we also offer branding solutions and digital marketing services to Simple Rishta to build its brand image and grow customer base.

Telemarketing & Lead Generation, Customer Chat Support

Trustap – A Digital Transaction Platform – Trustap is a transaction platform that ensures transparency & protection while buying or selling with strangers. We help Trustap identify its target audience and increase corporate growth through targeted telemarketing & lead generation B2B and B2C campaigns. Additionally, we’re providing team augmentation services where team of Live Chat Support ensures 24/7 client support to resolve their queries online, build mutual trust, and improve customer service.

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Khired Networks is an end-to-end solutions provider delivering innovative, dynamic, and cost-efficient products and services tailored to multiple sectors.

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