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Khired Networks offers precise, innovative, and measurable outsourcing solutions that transform your business and help you win customer satisfaction.

Access your desired resources and achieve corporate excellence by acquiring our Business Process Outsourcing services. We offer unrivaled expertise, experience, and dedicated resources in different domains. Being a trusted outsourcing company, we provide you with market-friendly and viable outsourcing solutions catered to your organizational requirements and international outsourcing standards. Our highly qualified and skilled professionals offer cost-effective outsourcing services and help your business unleash its highest potential.

Help Desk

One-stop solution to all your technical problems. We help you to reduce costs, get a rapid response.

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Our highly qualified and experienced professionals offer reliable help desk services based on profound IT background and wide experience of collaboration in IT projects that assist clients in the effective resolution of technical issues related to network and software. Our IT support also enables the clients to cost-effectively digitalize their business operations and streamline services without sacrificing quality. To ensure effective and timely resolution of technical issues, we reduce downtime of IT services and functions and focus more on end-users. Our highly qualified call center professionals and the use of advanced technology infrastructure ensure business growth and enhance brand recognition.

Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Cut your budget and efforts through our targeted lead generation and telemarket services.

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Khired Networks is specialized in telemarketing lead generation having extensive experience and success with conducting B2B and B2C lead generation campaigns. We have a team of dedicated business development professionals specialized in managing hundreds of lead generation campaigns with companies around the world. Our project managers and management professionals help clients identify their target audience and make improvements to increase organizational growth. We prefer quality over quantity and work tirelessly to deliver customer value and effectively execute telemarketing projects. Our highly qualified call center professionals and the use of advanced technology infrastructure ensure business growth and enhance brand recognition.

Market Research & Surveys

Get thorough research and surveys for your successful business.

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Market research surveys provide information about the target market and factors that affect customers’ purchase decisions. With a highly skilled team experienced in market research surveys, we provide credible information through comprehensive market research services that help clients effectively execute their growth plans. Our research analysts use modern techniques and the latest technologies to generate reliable and accurate results. Some of the market research services being offered by Khired Networks include primary data collection, market segmentation, desk research, competitor analysis, market profiling, product effectiveness analysis, and brand awareness research.

Call Center

Retain your clients and boost your image with excellent customer services.

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Our expert call center agents deliver exceptional customer experience at economical rates. We are experienced in inbound call centers, telemarketing, and telesales services and offer reliable call center outsourcing services. Khired Networks aims at facilitating the client’s business and building a win-win call center outsourcing relationship. We help clients effectively compete with their rivals by evaluating their business needs and developing a customized course of action.
Our highly qualified call center professionals and the use of advanced technology infrastructure ensure business growth and enhance brand recognition.

Our IT Outsourcing Working Models

Being your trusted business partner, Khired Networks offers superior business process outsourcing services that help you access your desired resources and meet your organizational needs. We provide unrivaled expertise, experience, and resources, particularly in IT outsourcing. Our outsourcing services enable you to remain competitive in today’s highly dynamic business environment and outperform your contenders.

Benefits of Outsourcing Services:

By using our outsourcing services, you can:

  1. Focus on critical business operations;
  2. Achieve higher productivity;
  3. Satisfy your customers;
  4. Digitize your operations through IT outsourcing;
  5. Boost organizational growth;
  6. Solve complex problems with smart outsource services;
  7. Expand across the globe;
  8. Gain leads through telemarketing outsourcing;
  9. Improve your customer out service through call center outsourcing; and
  10. Accomplish your desired objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I consider using Outsourcing services?

Using outsourcing services of reliable subcontractors provides you with several exclusive benefits like rapid growth, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, consistent delivery, scalability, and business process standardization.

Q. Are your services cost-effective?

Yes, we have our presence in two different continents that allow you to hire dedicated resources and acquire superior services at an economical price without compromising on the work quality.

Q. Do you offer your services to start-ups?

Yes, we do not select our customers for BPO outsourcing based on their company size or scope. Rather, we have special packages for start-ups to help them outperform their competitors without exceeding their budget constraints.

Q. What responsibilities do you take during project management?

After you provide us with your organizational requirements, we are responsible for handling all kinds of project activities such as recruiting, training, and housing professionals, monitoring day-to-day performance, communicating on daily basis, and employing resources to accomplish the desired objectives.

Q. How can I assure me of high-quality outsourcing services?

We possess development and technical expertise in various sectors that ensure speedy delivery of required services according to your quality standards.

Q. What kind of technical support team do you have?

Our technical support team comprises of certified IT professionals with prior experience in software, IT, computer system, and related fields who provide smart outsourcing solutions to various fields.

Q. Can I terminate the agreement before the contract period expires?

Yes, you can cancel your offshore outsourcing agreement by providing us with a 30-day notice and a pertinent reason for cancellation.

Q. Do you provide customer support services to businesses in the US, UK, Australia or Canada?

Yes, we possess state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and well-trained customer support executives who provide superior customer services in all these countries.

Q. What are the qualifications of your employees?

We are one of the trusted IT outsourcing companies and possess a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals having years’ experience handling complex outsourcing projects in various fields including software development, SQA, telemarketing & lead generation, DevOps engineering, digital marketing, website development, ERP development, and mobile & web app development.

Q. What is your Outsourcing working model?

Our business process outsourcing working model is very simple. Being our client, you provide us with your requirements, key objectives, availability of resources, and desired goals along with the timeline. We use our facilities and ensure the provision of high-quality services and qualified resources catered to your organizational needs.

Q. What are your strengths?

Khired Networks is a globally recognized outsourcing company having extensive experience in delivering excellence to diverse customers around the globe. Our successful track record of satisfying customers and clients’ trust gives us a competitive advantage over our rivals.

Q. What specializations do you offer in IT outsourcing?

Our qualified IT professionals are specialized in software development, project management, requirement engineering & analysis, website development and maintenance, graphic design, DevOps engineering, and graphic designing.

Q. Do you possess the required infrastructure and technology?

Unlike other business process outsourcing companies, Khired Networks is empowered with advanced technology and modern IT infrastructure to ensure the provision of high-class IT outsourcing services. These qualities make us one of the best IT outsourcing companies globally and help us accomplish our desired business development goals.

Q. How can I monitor the performance of my remote team?

Our office is well-equipped with modern facilities that help you communicate with your remote resources anytime, schedule daily stand-ups, monitor project progress, and evaluate your staff’s performance.

Q. Can I meet my remote team by visiting your office?

Yes, you can visit our office premises anytime and meet your remote team while acquiring our business outsourcing services. We would be glad to see you at our office.

Q. Can I hire telemarketing resources for a specific period?

Yes, we offer both short-term and long-term engagements for telemarketing outsourcing.

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Khired Networks is an end-to-end solutions provider delivering innovative, dynamic, and cost-efficient products and services tailored to multiple sectors.

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