Out Sourcing

Help Disk Services

Customers often rely on help desks for IT and technical support, and our help desks effectively resolve technical issues, such as password resets and network and software issues. With many business operations and services being digitized these days, IT support is a non-negotiable. Help desks eliminate time spent on data entry and are able to categorize and streamline issues by level of importance. Our help test staff at Khired track metrics such as customer satisfaction, ticket volume, agent performance and response time to ensure customers are receiving the best support.It acts as the main point of contact between the service provider and user,which is why we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our help desk services minimize IT services and functions’ downtimes and focus on end users, ensuring that technical issues and concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.
Reduced Costs:
Eliminate the need for in-house systems and equipment as well as recruiting, hiring, training, and performance tracking
Rapid Response:
Remote access allows our professionals to guarantee speedy response times while solving client issues
Increased Productivity:
Use tickets to keep track of outstanding issues and rank them by level of importance.

Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of drawing in and then turning strangers and potential customers into someone who has expressed an interest in a product
or service you offer. Generating interest in your company’s products and/or services is undoubtedly one of the most important things that needs to be done in order for your business to be successful. Outsourcing your lead generation processes can help you achieve better, faster, more affordable outcomes. Some additional benefits of choosing
Khired Networks is as follows:
Eliminate training:
Eliminate time and efforts spent on staff hiring, training, and monitoring.
Simplify budgeting:
Make budgeting and financial planning easier while maintaining the ability to adjust spending levels month-by-month.
Eliminate error:
Avoid errors and mistakes by eliminating human dependency.
Minimize cost and maximize value by only paying for successfully generated leads.

Market Research & Surveys

Most business mishaps are a result of subpar research and incomplete information. Thorough market research is a necessary part of running a successful, competitive business, and Khired Networks has the proper resources and skill to conduct it. Our comprehensive research provides you with the necessary market insight when considering a new venture or product, enabling you to make the sound, informed business decisions.
Objective view:
Receive an unbiased analysis of the research being conducted
Top-notch tools:
Our professionals always use up-to-date analysis tools and access the latest research
Cut costs:
Effectively minimize costs while maximizing value
Access new customers:
Increase your company’s reach with our ability to contact a high volume of customers around the world
Our quick turn-around for reports and help ensure transparency and accuracy at every step

Call Center

All businesses are required to have excellent customer services to ensurethat a client is retained for a long time. Call centers are an efficient way toboost your image, resolve problems, and build a strong customer base. Byoutsourcing your customer care operations to Khired Networks, you are ableto successfully increase flexibility, increase responsiveness, and ensureoutstanding customer service.We have a 24/7 call center available with top notch representatives who willensure that the query presented to them is dealt in the most professionalway. This is an integral part in building customer loyalty towards your brand.According to Microsoft, 74% of customers have contacted call centers forservices.