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Khired Networks is a premium database management company specialized in data migration services, data analytics services, database management services, and database design services. As an experienced big data solutions company providing big data consulting services to diverse sectors, we have helped well-renowned software development companies manage intimate and large amounts of data without compromising integrity and confidentiality. Our dedicated and skilled  IT professionals strive hard to exceed the client’s expectations and deliver excellence that keep us ahead of other data management and big data analytics companies.

Data Migration

Preserve your data with secure, innovative and modern technology with our low cost systems.

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Use our data migration services to transfer files of various formats into different storage systems without jeopardizing their security or integrity. We ensure safe and reliable transfer of diverse type of data from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based storage that reduces media storage costs, boost the efficiency of underlying applications through upgrades, lessen interruption to business operations, and enhance comprehensive data integrity.

Database Design

Efficient database design with enhanced information security and high speed processing.

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Our team of qualified database designers and developers design well-structured and efficient databases that ensure enhanced information security, provide access to accurate information, and offer high-speed processing. We use the advanced and customized database designs that help you solve your storage problems, eliminate data redundancy, and offer flexibility to accommodate potential changes.

Data Analytics

Improve market position and maximize profit by organizing and interpreting valuable data.

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Data analytics is crucial to make informed business decisions and boost organizational growth. Our data analytics enables you to organize, represent, describe, evaluate, and interpret your data through specialized systems and software. We preserve the integrity of your data by fixing quality issues and running data profiling and cleansing that eliminate redundancies and cross-check data consistency. Our extensive analysis optimizes your data to improve efficiency and get the desired results.

Big Data

Preserve your data with secure, innovative and modern technology with our low cost systems.

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We conduct comprehensive big data analytics of varied datasets to discover patterns, correlations, customer preferences, and market trends. Our qualified professionals help you make informed decisions that reduce your expenses, improve customer service, enhance productivity, and provide you with competitive advantage. Besides, In-memory analytics saves time that subsequently fosters innovation, control online presence, solves complex problems, and ensure real-time monitoring of overall performance.

Data Repositories

We gather, manage, and save data sets for analysis and follows data warehousing practices.

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Khired Networks use advanced data warehousing techniques to collect, organize, and store isolated datasets that can be used in the future for data reporting and analysis. Our data repositories enable the clients to easily track and manage technical issues due to compartmentalization and enhance the privacy of confidential information. Additionally, we increase data quality and accuracy, enhance business decisions, maintain data history, and help you generate higher ROIs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Big Data?

Big data means vast amounts of information beyond the scope of traditional structured data in terms of volume, size, variety, and velocity stored in data sets capable of capturing, processing, and managing information in a reasonable time.

Q. What is Data Management?

Data management is a technique of managing, analyzing, describing, and storing different types of data and securing confidential information through advanced mechanisms.

Q. Which data can be termed as Big Data?

Based on the market infrastructure, data size ranging from 1 to 3 terabytes is termed as Big Data. However, complex mathematical or statistical data can also be called Big Data.

Q. What is meant by Digitally Accessible Data?

Digitally accessible data means machine-readable data stored in a digital format on a computer device and could be accessed online through database design services.

Q. Why Big Data management solutions are essential?

Technological developments have made the internet-connected devices core elements of organizational structure. Big Data management solutions broadens companies’ capabilities to analyze large sets of data and minimize potential risks as well as improves customer experience.

Q. What types of data are usually managed by organizations?

Big data management companies help companies manage various types of data such as consumer data, market data, strategic plans, analysis reports, and critical information.

Q. Can data management increase business revenue?

Yes, data management helps companies gain competitive advantage, provides customized recommendations, through data analysis, and enables software development companies to launch new products that increase revenues.

Q. What are the critical stages to deploy Big Data solutions?

There are three critical phases to deploy big data solutions:

  1. Data ingestion
  2. Data storage
  3. Data processing
Q. Are there any potential concerns about Big Data management?

The primary concern about database management services is the secure storage of data and protect it from the access of unauthorized users. This process is very expensive and requires extensive resources for effective implementation.

Q. Are there any legislations to protect Big Data management?

There are several EU legislation that protects Big Data management including EU cyber-security strategy, MiFID II/ MiFIR, EMIR, PRIIPs, and UCITS/AIFMD.

Q. What is Big Data Security Analytics?

Big data solutions companies analyze information security to detect unauthorized activities, mitigate risks, and actively respond to breaches is called Big Data security analytics. Data analytics services support big data management.

Q. Which tools do you use for Big Data management?

Being an experienced database management company, we use modern tools like Hadoop, AWS, MapReduce, NewSQL, and NoSQL.

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Khired Networks is an end-to-end solutions provider delivering innovative, dynamic, and cost-efficient products and services tailored to multiple sectors.

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