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Streamline Your Workflows and Shift to Continuous Delivery with

Comprehensive DevOps Services from Khired Networks

Our performance-driven and result-oriented DevOps services help you optimize your IT operations

lifecycle by promoting closer collaboration and driving a culture of “Everything as Code.”

Our DevOps Approach

We combine all DevOps tools, modern technologies, and the latest techniques in our DevOps approach to help clients build a friction-free operational environment, automate infrastructure, leverage secure coding practices, streamline operations, and accelerate software delivery.



We understand our clients’ infrastructure and processes and devise plans to improve processes and automate infrastructure.



We implement robust IaC practices to automate infrastructure, configure the build servers, and reduce human error with automatic provisioning.



We regularly audit the current skills set and collaborate with stakeholders to align the resources requirements with the clients’ needs

Our DevOps Outsourcing Services

Our DevOps managed services create harmony in cloud operations and span the application lifecycle enabling continuous delivery, faster time to market, and optimization of IT operations lifecycle.


Cloud Computing

Get your required IT resources and access a variety of technology over the internet to manage your cloud solutions and build highly agile systems.


Azure Pipelines

Implement CI/CD for your desired app and platform and consistently test and build your code to make projects available to others.


Container Orchestration

Automate the deployment, administration, and networking of containers to manage the lifecycles of containers in large dynamic environments.



Automate the software release process from development to deployment and test that each change is functional to deliver rapidly safely and reliably.


AWS CodePipeline

Automate continuous delivery pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates to ensure the quality of your application or infrastructure code.


Configuration Management

Automate repetitive tasks and optimize cloud infrastructure by leveraging the best-in-class technologies like Docker for quick and efficient software deployment.


Bitbucket Pipelines

Bring continuous integration and delivery to Bitbucket Cloud automatically build, test, and deploy your code and automate a CI/CD workflow.



Collect monitoring and operational data and visualize it using automated dashboards to analyze your AWS resources, applications, and services.


Continuous Monitoring

Monitor, identify, and solve compliance issues and security risks in real-time during each phase of DevOps and IT operations lifecycles.

About Khired Networks


Khired Networks is a leading DevOps development company committed to empowering businesses and enabling companies to remain competitive. By implementing best practices like continuous integration and automated testing, we streamline development and operations processes and improve the quality and reliability of software. Additionally, the use of a comprehensive agile approach in DevOps outsourcing ensures close customer involvement and facilitates collaboration for better outcomes.

What are Your DevOps Services Needs?

Increase Software Quality

The transformation of software delivery routine with the best DevOps practices automates the development tasks that allows quick detection and fixation of bugs and increases software quality.


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Shorten Production Cycles

DevOps eliminates the silos with close collaboration between development and operations teams that speeds up innovation & development and shortens production cycles.


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Improve Customer Experience

DevOps practices remove inefficiencies, improve the quality of work, and increase the team’s confidence through A/B testing and continuous feedback.


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Improve Organizational Efficiency

DevOps improves organizational efficiency by allowing developers to focus on tasks in the development process cannot be automated such as parallel workflow processes, use of cloud-based platforms, and building acceleration tools.


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Improve Operational Support

CI/CD pipeline allows you to deploy and test your code in different environments, prevents roadblocks, streamlines configuration management, and saves your teams’ countless hours.


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Improve Staff Motivation & Loyalty

DevOps automates majority of routine tasks and allows the team members to work together for designing and implementing creative and engaging solutions. This frees up their time and reduced the employee turnover rates.


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Ensure a Good Corporate Structure

DevOps practices build inter-departmental trust by promoting a better understanding of other teams and helping them curve alternative career paths.


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DevOps Technologies

Khired Networks

Our Certified Capabilities You Can Trust

Being a globally recognized provider of full-spectrum DevOps consulting services, Khired Networks is a reliable DevOps services company trusted by well-renowned corporations worldwide


State-of-the-art IT Infrastructure


Qualified IT Professionals


Modern Facilities


Endorsed by Reputable Organizations


Committed to Innovation


Cost-efficient & Reliable


Successful Track Record


Adaptable to Organizational Challenges


If you do not use

DevOps practices, you:

May not be able to deliver a high-quality software product within the

client’s given deadline and budget


Cannot meet the ever-changing market needs that could result in

decreased customer satisfaction


Cannot innovate faster than your competitors and are unable to

offer ground-breaking ideas due to a lack of communication.

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Khired Networks is an end-to-end solutions provider delivering innovative, dynamic, and cost-efficient products and services tailored to multiple sectors.

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