Speed and accuracy have always been the most sought-after challenge for business gurus and perfectionists. Due to the technology-led industrial revolution, business process automation has become the main focus area of businesses. Businesses try to excel in their functions by striving to function at optimum speed and absolute accuracy.  

However, it had been next to impossible to achieve the maximum possible speed while maintaining accuracy. The chances of human error tend to rise proportionally with the increase in speed when operations are performed manually. Thanks to technology for turning many impossibilities into opportunities that led to tech-driven innovations, with process automation on top of the list. 

Human Resource Department/function is an integral part of any successful business. It can impact a company’s bottom line and help an organization must reach its business goals. For this purpose, the HR department performs many functions. Some of these include budget control, performance management, employee retention, and satisfaction. All these functions bridge the gap between employees’ performance and the organization’s strategic objectives.  

Importance of HR Automation 

Efficient management of HR function not only contributes to corporate decision-making but also gives firms an edge over their competitors. However, HR automation technology is also critical to achieving the maximum benefits from the HR system. 

In recent years, HR automation has changed the HR landscape by enhancing the efficiency of the human resource department. Automated HR processes speed up productivity through swift processing and data sharing. It prevents the loss of time and resources on repetitive and unproductive tasks prone to many errors. Automating the following processes in HR slashes down the cost in terms of time, money, and human capital involved in performing tedious tasks. 

Important Tools (Processes) of Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

1. Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding app allows cutting down the use of paper by giving tools to access information. Companies can also maintain new hire data, employee orientation, and digital collection of documents. Besides, a robust onboarding HR tool impacts the readiness and performance of newly inducted employees. Moreover, it positively impacts employee engagement and turnover rate.  

Hence, an all-inclusive employee onboarding tool must include features like self-service for new hires, employee data management, and electronic forms. It should also offer options like e-signatures, customizable workflows, and goal tracking with multi-user access.

2. Attendance and Leave Management

An automated leave management function simplifies the leave approval process. Advanced systems self-manage the leave balance with full access to both employee and manager.  

Besides, it also provides real-time tracking, automated attendance inputs, and leave-record for payroll calculation.

3. Timesheet Tracking and Management

Timesheet management tool helps in tracking, monitoring, and measuring employee performance. It gives a clear look at employees’ productivity and efficiency.  

Hence, the information retrieved through timesheets aid in scheduling hiring needs. Besides, it also streamlines payroll by using working hours information and optimizing workload.

4. Employee Training and Development

The training and development tool helps employees and their supervisors identify training needs and gives a view of the 360-degree training process.  

Besides, it helps HR professionals in designing and implementing training programs, soliciting training feedback, and gauging the effectiveness of the training process.

5. Performance Management and Appraisal

Automated Performance management tools help managers to track employees’ performance through automated employee timesheets. This feature is also helpful in tracking, measuring, and analyzing employees’ performance.  

Besides, an automated performance management system also helps in setting employees’ performance objectives and measuring performance against them. A comprehensive performance management system must include customizable performance review templates and 360-degree review options.

6. Payroll Management

Minimizing the human intervention payroll tool eliminates the risk of errors and reduces the amount of time consumed. A complete payroll management system improves control over the process by automation and allowing you to constitute tax changes and other legislative requirements without seeking outside help.  

Similarly, an automated system also includes employee benefits management plans with assorted options in a single interface. 

Important Features of HR-Tech System or HRMS 

Many software companies are offering a plethora of HR tools that can be used to automate crucial HR processes. However, the decision to choose from the number of given options should rely on the availability of all must-have features for an automated HR system.

1. Aids in Decision Making

An automated HR system supports the decision-making process by producing visually articulated reports and dashboards. Besides, it allows you to turn insights into demonstrable business growth by lowering HR costs and productivity reports with the help of its decision support system.

2. Easy Access to Information

A high-tech HR system allows easy access to the information pool relating to employees and HR processes at any given time on multiple devices.  

Besides creating an accessible and 360-degree visible information channel, it also allows quick integration by synchronizing data with other departments and HR management tools.

3. Secures HR Data

An automated HR management system backs up your important data to prevent data loss. It allows you to control and monitor data access and prevent any unauthorized attempt at the collection and distribution of information. 


Automating HR Processes is an essential need for futuristic companies regardless of their size and employee strength. Many software companies offer HR systems with all-encompassing pre-built apps which are ready to go as soon as you install them.  

However, you can also get one customized to your organization’s requirements and fitting to your HR processes. The best to choose the Human Resource Management system is to break down the requirements and compile a comprehensive list of preferred features to find easy-to-implement automated solutions. Besides, automating your HR process will make way for seamless integration without adding to the complexity. 

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