When you start developing software, time management becomes very crucial. Meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality is your ultimate goal. How can you achieve this milestone? 

You have two options. First, build an in-house team of software developers, SQA engineers, project managers, UI/UX designers, etc. Your office must be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies. Besides, a close evaluation of progress is required to deliver the final product on time. 

However, this model is expensive. You need sufficient capital and talented resources who can meet your client’s needs. If you are a small business or a startup, never choose this option. 

Instead, go for the dedicated development team, which is highly popular these days among IT companies. This model is highly cost-effective, flexible, and scalable. You don’t need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure or an in-house team. Your outsourcing partner can take care of all these. 

Read this detailed blog on the dedicated development team to understand this model in detail and find out how it can help your business achieve your desired objectives. 

Let’s get started! 

Dedicated Development Team: A Brief Overview 

A dedicated development team is a collaboration model popular in the software development industry. It is a team of cross-functional IT professionals assigned to a single development project. The professionals include UI/UX designers, developers, testers, engineers, and other experts who have a crucial role in developing digital products. 

The term “Dedicated” means solely committed to one single project, task, or milestone only. As an employer, when you hire a dedicated development team, your only concern is product delivery before the deadline. The team stays focused on your project to deliver quality results. 

Understanding the Dedicated Development Team with an Example 

Suppose you are an IT startup. You need a cloud-based SaaS application to digitize payments for retail businesses. The final product will ensure secure financial transactions for retailers and establish a relationship of trust with customers. 

To build this product, you need qualified IT resources with extensive experience in SaaS development. However, you don’t have these resources. Furthermore, you are not familiar with the management of development projects because of no coding background. Even the deadline is approaching faster. 

In this situation, you cannot take the risk of hiring an in-house development team. Instead, outsourcing your project to a specialized development company would be more feasible. 

Here comes the role of a dedicated development team. You just need to find a reliable outsourcing partner with proven expertise and resources to meet your product requirements. The team will collaborate with you throughout the project and deliver the final product within the agreed timeline. No need for hiring, onboarding, supervision, or any additional investment. 

Why do Businesses Need a Dedicated Development Team? 

For years, an in-house workforce was considered the safe option to complete projects. This notion has now been changed, particularly in the post-covid era. 

Today, most businesses outsource development projects to third parties. A 2019 study by Kearney reveals over 90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on multiplayer BPO contracts along with in-house teams. The numbers have now further improved since then. 

Here’s what makes a dedicated development team the preferred model for most organizations:

1. Low Cost

The first major hurdle businesses face when building a new product is to arrange sufficient funds. Development projects are costly. In most cases, startups and small businesses cannot afford in-house teams for three reasons. 

First, hiring, training, and deploying qualified IT professionals is very costly. The second reason is the lack of time and expertise to find talented candidates. Thirdly, high-tech IT infrastructure can cost startups millions of dollars. They don’t have so much money in their early years. 

On the other hand, when you outsource a development project, you pay only for the services you acquire. The development company either charges one time at the time of delivery or offers subscription models depending on the skills and expertise of augmented resources. 

Hence, instead of buying expensive infrastructure or hiring resources, you can save your money and get the final product.

2. Flexibility

With a dedicated development team onboard, you get the flexibility to make changes as your project progresses. There is no limitation on the team’s size, project scope, timeline, etc. If you need more developers with specialized skills, your outsourcing partner can arrange for you quickly. 

Similarly, you can control the workflow and make decisions with changing market conditions. The ultimate goal is to align your team’s composition with your business objectives and accelerate product delivery. 

The best aspect of this model is simplicity and effectiveness. The selection process is very seamless. You stay updated with the progress in real-time. The team accepts your suggestions and collaborates on key issues. Everything looks so elegant.

3. Scalability

Sometimes, you cannot estimate the accurate number of resources needed to build a digital product. Key requirements like team size, experience, and competencies may change during a project.  

The dedicated development team model allows you to adjust to fluctuating project demands without disrupting operations. You can scale up or down your outsourced team quickly or add team members with particular skills to your team. A reliable outsourcing partner can make scalability look like a breeze. 

At the end of the day, you can quickly adapt to project changes to get a high-quality product.

4. Qualified Resources

The unpredicted nature of software development projects can sometimes be problematic for businesses. Some tasks need resources with specialized programming skills and sound knowledge for the desired result. Finding experts with these competencies, however, is not easy.  

Thanks to the Internet and flexible outsourcing models. Hiring qualified and skillsets IT experts has now become a lot easier. IT staffing companies have a large pool of talented resources with extensive experience. The skill sets of augmented teams are highly diverse and backed by a successful track record.  

So, you can set up your dedicated development team per project needs and add IT professionals with your desired skills and expertise. They contribute to your project growth and deliver impeccable results. 

Final Thoughts 

A dedicated development team is a type of IT outsourcing. It allows startups and small businesses to complete their IT projects quickly and meet their evolving needs without stretching their budgets. The model is budget-friendly since staff hiring and infrastructure management are the responsibilities of the outsourcing company. 

One key benefit of hiring a dedicated development team is that companies can achieve short-term cost savings. Similarly, they get the flexibility to make changes to their team’s size, composition, or expertise. The model also brings scalability to development projects for better results. 

Eventually, companies can build cutting-edge solutions on less budget and expand their project scope.